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Last year’s Love Islanders are losing Insta followers by the second, but who has lost the most?

This is petty, but also a riveting read

Obviously the main perk of going on Love Island, aside from becoming an overnight celebrity, is gaining hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.

The minute the cast leave the villa, they litter our feeds with sponsored charcoal toothpaste content and make deals with questionable vitamin companies. And, yeah, it makes them good money.

But it seems people have grown tired of it, because as the new 2018 Love Islanders are going into the villa, the old ones are losing followers like they're going out of fashion.

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And luckily for you (!) the 2017 Love Islanders' Instagram stats are readily available for everyone's viewing pleasure on Social Blade. A quick search with their username can reveal when everyone's Instagram careers peaked and whether they've been losing or gaining followers since the end of the show.

Yeah this is petty as hell. Anyway, enjoy:

Marcel Sommerville – lost 95k followers since his peak

Peaked at: 1.02m

Followers now: 925,000

At the peak of his career Marcel had 1.02m followers but those numbers have slowly dwindled since September last year and then everyone found out he cheated on Gabby while they were on holiday, without her having any idea.

He now has 95,000 fewer followers than last year. Justice!!!

Alex Beattie – lost 89k followers since his peak


A post shared by A L E X • B E A T T I E (@alex.beattie) on May 17, 2018 at 11:46am PDT

Peaked at: 708,000

Followers now: 619,000

Alex has lost 89,000 followers on Instagram since last year. Maybe it's because he did a meet and greet in a Poundland or maybe it's because his entire Instagram is of him flexing. He does have phenomenal arms though.

Jessica Shears – lost 84k followers since her peak

Lash game strong @winklashbars ♥️

A post shared by Jessica Rose (@jessica_rose_uk) on May 26, 2018 at 11:40pm PDT

Peaked at: 1.26m

Followers now: 1.176m

Jess's Instagram followers rose rapidly from the moment she stepped in the villa. They peaked at 1.26m but she now has around 1.17m followers. Clearly the televised wedding couldn't save her from the eventual loss of followers.

Chloē Crowhurst – lost 49k followers since her peak

And relax @missyempire ✨

A post shared by Chloe Crowhurst (@chloecrowhurstx) on Dec 6, 2017 at 11:01am PST

Peaked at: 486,000

Followers now: 437,000

Chloe's peak on Instagram was 486,000 followers when she left the villa and she has 437,000 followers now. She was really sweet but she didn't go on to do anything big like some others in the cast.

Tyla Carr – lost 46.1k followers since her peak

Peaked at: 468,100

Followers now: 422,000

Tyla had 468,100 followers after she left the villa with Muggy Mike, but now she has 422,000 resulting in a net loss of 46,100 followers.

Harley Judge – lost 45k followers since his peak

Peaked at: 281,000

Followers now: 236,000

Ah poor Harley, the first one to be kicked off, but at least he didn't lose the most Instagram followers.

Dom Lever – lost 44k followers since his peak

Peaked at: 753,000

Followers now: 709,000

I mean it's hardly surprising that Dom's incessant sponsored posting turned 44k people away from his profile.

Camilla – lost 31k followers since her peak

Peaked at: 1.42m

Followers now: 1.389m

The fans' favourite had an impressive 1.4m just after leaving Love Island. Unlike her co-stars, she didn't do any sponsored posts on Instagram and doesn't post on there regularly. Her Instagram has dropped 31,000 followers since.

Jamie – lost 25k followers since his peak

Peaked at: 821,000

Followers now: 796,000

Like Camilla, Jamie doesn't post much. He has lost 25,000 followers on Instagram since his peak of 821,000 in October.

Theo Campbell – lost 21k followers since his peak

Peaked at: 231,000

Followers now: 210,000

The ex shit-stirrer of the villa is a fairly active Instagram user. He gained a lot of followers when he was on the villa. But lost around 21,000 over the period of a year.

Kem – lost 20k followers since his peak

Long lost brothers? @brodyjenner ??

A post shared by KEM (@kemcetinay) on Dec 8, 2017 at 10:43am PST

Peaked at: 2.04m

Followers now: 2.02m

Kem has had a really successful career post Love Island. He's also hit two million followers. Sadly he lost about 20,000 over the last couple of months.

Chris – lost 20k followers since his peak

Peaked at: 1.92m

Followers now: 1.9m

Cracking 'On, the series which followed both Chris and Olivia around as they navigated through their toxic relationship, was a massive let down. Though it hasn't stopped Chris from venturing into new career options, such as creating his own clothing brand.

It might have cost him around 20,000 followers since his peak in November.

Amber – lost 20k followers since her peak

? part of the green eyed crew!

A post shared by Amber Davies (@amb_d) on May 21, 2018 at 11:25am PDT

Peaked at: 1.66m

Followers now: 1.64m

Last year's winner, Amber, has been vocal about her 'new rules' on casual sex, suggesting that people are having too much sex without commitment. Maybe that's why her Instagram followers are declining.

Her Instagram followers have been growing steadily since she left Love Island, peaking at 1.66m, but they'e now dropped to around 1.64m.

Gabby – lost 20k followers since her peak

Less bitter, more glitter ✨ fave top @motelrocks #sp

A post shared by GABBY ALLEN ??‍♀️ (@gabbydawnallen) on May 16, 2018 at 10:02am PDT

Peaked at: 1.02m

Followers now: 1m

Poor Gabby, cheated on and unfollowed by 20,000 followers since her peak on Instagram in August. She's still smashing it though and looks like she might gain them back quickly.

Georgia Harrison – lost 10k followers since her peak

@andi_bagus had so much fun today shooting with ?

A post shared by Georgia Harrison (@georgialouiseharrison) on Apr 26, 2018 at 2:10am PDT

Peaked at: 813,000

Followers now: 803,000

Georgia's Instagram followers actually kept growing after she left Love Island but there's been a slump since March, where she's losing 232 followers a day.

Since her peak of 813,000 in March, she's lost around 10,000 followers.

Craig Lawson – lost 7.1k followers since his peak

Peaked at: 48,000

Followers now: 40,900

Creepy Craig is still quite creepy on Instagram. He has lost 7,100 followers since his peak of 48,000 followers after his short time on Love Island.

Jonny Mitchell – lost 6k followers since his peak

Peaked at: 517,000

Followers now: 511,000

Jonny Mitchell aka. Camilla's heartbreaker or the anti-feminist, has lost about 6,000 followers since his peak of 517,000 in August. Ha!

Tyne-Lexy Clarson – lost 2k followers since her peak

My favourite colour ? wearing @singlepricestore

A post shared by Tyne-Lexy (@tyne_lexy_clarson) on May 27, 2018 at 10:27am PDT

Peaked at: 383,000

Followers now: 381,000

Tyne-Lexy was one of the least memorable characters but still did well in terms of gaining Instagram followers.

Like many others, she's seen her Instagram followers grow, even after Love Island. But they've been in decline since March as she's lost around 2,000 since then.

But not everyone's Instagram followers peaked during Love Island, some of the cast are still gaining them

Although the majority of the cast is losing followers, some have managed to either maintain or grow their following since August, when the show ended.

Montana – gained 10,000 followers since end of show

Happy Sunday beautiful souls, dream big and work hard ?

A post shared by Montana Brown (@montanarosebrown1) on Mar 18, 2018 at 6:05am PDT

Montana has not only maintained but increased her followers on Instagram since August, slowly but surely adding them as the months went on after the show finished.

Since August, she's gained about 10,000 new followers.

Olivia – gained 30,000 followers since end of show

The sun makes me a nicer person. Not like super nice, just nicER ?

A post shared by Olivia Jade Attwood ???? (@oliviajade_attwood) on Apr 18, 2018 at 1:13pm PDT

Olivia Attwood has seen a steady increase since she left Love Island. From the end of the show, she's seen a growth of just over 30,000 followers.

Danielle Sellers – gained 48,000 followers since end of show

Monday ?? girls this bodysuit is £11 from @lasulaboutique ? #bodysuit #lasula #pink

A post shared by DANIELLE SELLERS (@daniellejsellers) on Apr 16, 2018 at 11:03am PDT

Danielle had a short stint on Love Island but has grown by an impressive 48,000 followers on Instagram since the end of the show. Her Instagram is fire to be fair.

Chyna Ellis – gained 78,000 followers since end of show

Chyna Ellis had 244,000 followers at the beginning of August and now has 322,000. She has gained a total of 78,000 followers since the end of the show.

Mike Thalassitis – gained 130,000 followers since end of show

This @CIRCULRco Graphite is ? Big sale on right now too. Link in my story

A post shared by Mike Thalassitis (@mike_thala) on May 21, 2018 at 11:22am PDT

Muggy Mike had just over 500,000 followers on Instagram in August and has gained over 130,000 followers since. He's currently going out with Megan McKenna and has a really fit brother btw.

Rop Lipsett – gained 139,000 followers since end of show

Rob, who I honestly can't remember either, had 302,000 followers in August 2017. He now has 441,000 – meaning he grew by 139,000 followers since.

Sam Gowland – gained around 300,000 followers since end of show

Sam, who goes out with Chloe from Geordie Shore, has seen an impressive growth in his Instagram followers since August. He had around 700,000 followers just after Love Island and has now hit the one million mark.

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