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Muggy Mike has a hotter, older brother who is everything you wanted Mike to be

Praying he’s on this year’s Love Island ?

Muggy Mike is fit. This is a widely accepted fact. But he is also a mug. He tried to fuck over Olivia on Love Island, which is when Chris branded him "muggy". He allegedly slept with Jess after she was kicked off, even though she was still with Dom. And he completely mugged off Tyla when she was excited about their future outside the villa together and he just ignored her, replying: "yeah, what she said."

He's also been criticised for asking two girls for a threesome at the final party of Celebs go Dating. And now he's going out with Megan McKenna, but they keep arguing. Basically, he's a certified fuckboy through and through.

But it turns out that Muggy Mike has a hotter, older brother who is basically everything you ever wanted Mike to be. But better.


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Mike posted a picture of himself and his brother Nick on Instagram two weeks ago, at Sushi Samba in London. And ever since, people couldn't believe just how hot his brother is.

Everyone is shook. One comment reads: "I don't know which I prefer… think it's the bro", while another reads "OMG finally found someone better looking than Mike!"

Family ??

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But that's not all. Not only is Mike's brother fit, he's smart too. According to his LinkedIn, he's a consultant with a 2:1 in Physics from Sussex University.

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He currently works as a performance technical specialist in London.

But sadly he's not single. Nick and Mike are currently on a holiday with their girlfriends and the family.

When no one can look at the same camera ?

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So is Nick Thalassitis the answer to our prayers? Is he going to be on Love Island this year? Who knows? Who cares? He is fit tho. And here are the pics to prove it:

Chilling with the old man ?

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