This ‘which sandwich is your uni?’ article is the best thing since sliced bread

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a ‘Just Ham’ sandwich, probably

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Sandwiches and uni go hand in hand. Been slaving away in the library all day and you're starving? Sandwich. Going straight out after a day sesh? Sandwich. Hungover? Sandwich.

Not only is the perfect time for a sandwich eternal, between those two slices of bread exists a whole world of possibilities. All those times you've stood in front the vast selection of refrigerated sandwiches – did you ever wonder which one is most like your uni? Probably not. But we have.

When you actually think about it, it's painfully obvious Oxford is a Chicken & Stuffing number, and Liverpool is definitely a BLT. Not convinced? Read on and I guarantee you'll be convinced.

Nottingham – ‘Just Ham'

The plainness of a ‘Just Ham’ sandwich means they always end up plastered with those yellow stickers and getting reduced throughout the day. Much like three years at Nottingham and an inevitable 2:1, ‘Just Ham' does the job, but doesn’t really do much more than that.

Trent – All day Breakfast

Bacon, sausage AND egg? What more could you want? Trent is a good all-rounder, and when you’re out most nights at Stealth, Ink or Rock City you’re going to need a good hangover cure.

Brookes – Waitrose Chicken and Bacon Salad

You’ve got to admit, everyone loves it. It’s easy, will always please and is pretty fit. It’s everyone’s type and it will most likely be daddy buying it for you. Much like the university’s academia, it’ll always be offered unconditionally and it’s not the smartest sandwich on the shelf.

Sheffield – Chip Butty

Unapologetically northern, the chip butty is a solid choice if not especially spectacular. There’s probably Henderson’s Relish involved as well.

Durham – Cucumber sandwich

Too posh for its own good and lacking any particular charisma. Still considered by a significant minority as a prestigious sandwich/university.

Glasgow – Knuckle sandwich

Scotland's a very fighty place isn't it.

Coventry – Southern Fried Chicken wrap

People only pick this if all the other good wraps are gone. Just like how people only come to Coventry when all the other good unis wont let them in.

King’s – Pret Crayfish and Avocado

Middle-class, quite pretentious, and definitely trying that little bit too hard.

Loughborough – Jam

Sweet enough, but definitely a case of style over substance. Eating a jam sandwich suggests that you’re still a tad immature, which certainly applies to most Loughborough students who can't fathom a world beyond just playing sport all day every day.

Warwick – Cheese

Cheese sandwiches are okay, generally respected and there’s nothing especially offensive about them, but they aren’t exactly going to change the world either.

Newcastle – anything from Greggs

The comparison between Newcastle and the sandwiches from its favourite bakery is too obvious not to make – both cheap, both cheerful, and undeniably a lot of fun.

Bournemouth – Fish finger sandwich

A bit rogue, sure, but a whole lot of fun. There's something about them which is hard not to like – they're easygoing and are just quite inoffensive, just there really, not doing anyway any harm. Also very well suited for your Insta feed.

Liverpool – BLT

Not necessarily the strongest choice, but you still pick it anyway because you know you’re in for a good time

The Open University – Ice Cream sandwich

The ice cream sandwich isn’t a real sandwich, in a similar way to how The Open University isn’t a real university.

Cardiff – Chicken and Sweetcorn

Sweetcorn doesn’t belong in a chicken sandwich and Cardiff doesn’t belong in the Russell Group, and the rugby boiz obviously need that chicken for gainz #protein.

Swansea – Chicken Mayo

Cardiff with the fun bits left out. It’s bland, boring and no one really wants it. Let’s be honest, it was your only choice when you’d run out of options.

Bristol – Club Sandwich

There’s a lot to enjoy, and they manage to be a bit rogue but still very middle-class. Like a Bristol student amid all the D&B nights and questionable substance use, it still manages to hang together – just.

St Andrews – Coronation Chicken

St Andrews is always filled with young royals and the aristocracy, including our future king. Coronation Chicken was created for the Queen's coronation (shock) so this one pretty much writes itself and we are very grateful for the help.

Exeter – Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

Posh and white, two adjectives that describe almost every student at Exeter.

Falmouth – Cornish Pasty

The Cornish equivalent of a sarnie. Falmouth students like their meat and two veg in between some thick layers of pastry.

Oxford – Roast Chicken and Stuffing sandwich

On the outside this seems like a classic, like how Oxford is the classic British university. However, the inevitable dryness of this sarnie is much like their students, who are unfathomably boring and stuffy.

Sussex – Falafel and Hummus wrap

Everyone at Sussex is undoubtedly a vegan and boy do they want you to know it.

Birmingham – Chicken Tikka

Some claim the Chicken Tikka Masala originated in Birmingham, which is one of the only interesting things students here can say about their city. An overall middle-ground choice, with a little bit of spice but nothing too amazing.

York – Corned Beef

Corned beef is never anyone's first choice, that would be ridiculous. It's dry, a bit antiquated, not very exciting. But it's not the worst option in the world. There's a bit of meat between the two slices of bread, just like how a degree from the University of York does have a bit of substance to it, even if it's not something to shout about.

Leeds – Crisp sandwich

You can't knock a crisp sandwich, but is it right for you? You worry you're maybe a bit too old to enjoy it, that your body can handle it and maybe you should be getting a bit of salad in there.

Queen's Belfast- Tayto Crisp sandwich

Absolutely repulsive to anybody anywhere else in the world but a true Irish staple. Much like QUB, a Tayto Crisp sandwich is popular with the Culchies and a great cure to go along with a carton of Sukie after a night out in Bot.

UWE – Butter and Hundreds and Thousands

Childish and colourful – this sandwich delights anyone with a simple mind and dresses like a manic CBBC presenter. UWE kids are the epitome of pre-UCAS teenage behaviour: hugs, drugs and the same naivety they possessed when they were doing their GCSEs.

Manchester – Subway

Used to be cool back in the day, but now in the age of vegan sandwiches and pre-prepared sushi, everyone knows about it and it’s just a little bit meh. Like Oasis. Don’t get me started on Oasis.

Edinburgh – Honey Roast Ham & Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese

Despite trying desperately hard to be edgy, when it comes down to it Edinburgh is the epitome of everything boring and middle class. Peel back the fancy packaging of this sandwich, and you’ll find that it’s just like it's standard university city counterpart – overpriced and posh.

Royal Holloway – Rainbow Bagel

Looks fancy on the outside and only really appeals to girls. Also not really a sandwich but it's people like you who are the problem – bringing everyone else down because of a minor technicality just for the thrill of it. Yeah, bet you feel pretty stupid now.

Southampton – Hoisin Duck wrap

People always want it deep down, but there is the risk of being too basic. You'll drive specifically to an M&S garage in your Fiat 500 while tweeting about what a mess you were last night (lol!).

Contributors: Dominic Penna, Yusuf Khan, Susannah Griffin, Jade Brydges, Sophia Miller, Dan Burns, Tyler Seeley