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Cambridge’s list of shame: New figures expose how colleges freeze out disadvantaged students

Exclusive: Long hidden, The Tab obtained the college-by-college data which tells the true story of Cambridge admissions

We asked staff at Pret how to get a free coffee

‘We have to give away around £35 worth of coffee and food each week’

I rewatched the first episode of MIC and realised how the world has changed

Lol guys remember Funda

The things people genuinely say to me as a mixed-race woman must surely be a joke

Nope, they’re not

Why alcohol causes you to blackout and forget your entire night

‘If recreational drugs were tools, alcohol would be a sledgehammer’

The attitudes of young British people, according to the rest of the world

‘They’re basically Americans, if Americans wore full football kits’

These students lived in Amy Winehouse’s iconic Camden house, here’s a look inside

It’s definitely nicer than your house

Parents tell us the advice they wish they’d had in their twenties

‘Don’t always go for the good-looking charmers – give a few ugly men a chance’

All the teenagers at Reading Festival will make you feel really old

Don’t ever go back

At lots of schools, A-level results day wasn’t happy – it was heartbreaking

Shit schools like mine

I ate without culturally appropriating for a day and it made me miserable

Even ham sandwiches were forbidden

I did every irritating tube habit and watched Londoners get angry

It was a terrifying insight into the psyche of tired commuters

We asked 16-year-olds what they expect uni to be like

‘I’ll go to party after party, and chase girl after girl’

Can you pass the 2017 British citizenship test?

Most young people can’t, apparently

EXCLUSIVE: The ‘go cook my burrito bitch’ guy speaks out

‘I’m no racist. I am who I am. There’s people out there of all colors that are horrible’

What happens when a 20-year-old goes to buy an AR-15

I’m 20 and my ID is expired

Find out how shocking your knowledge of British geography is

Rutland – county or town?

These are the things that made me realise I had depression

Was I depressed or just being a bitch?

An ode to the men who wear shirts over T-shirts in clubs, the heroes of our time

They are understated champions

Every stage of your month after payday

Turns out money doesn’t last that long

Why it’s not OK for white people to have dreadlocks

No, you can’t use the Celts as an excuse