We asked 16-year-olds what they expect uni to be like

‘I’ll go to party after party, and chase girl after girl’

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I’m 16. I’ve just finished my GCSEs, and university still seems like lightyears away. Student life has always been shown to people my age as a non stop party, an era of beer pong and toga parties being thrown 24/7, but we like to think ourselves smart enough to take those TV shows with a pinch of salt. I have two older brothers who have both attempted uni but neither got much further than a single term (after many tries) which meant I didn’t hear about many of the good sides of university. As a slightly pessimistic guy, it made me worried. So, I decided to find out from a few of my more mates how they see themselves living the university life.



“I don’t really know, maybe a little like school just on a bigger scale. I’d prefer out of London but I really don’t mind as long as it’s not a small town. I hear from my brother that it’s a lot of work – he also drinks a lot though so I’m assuming there’s a balance.”


“Do you want some cringey shit like ‘work hard, play hard’? I dunno I reckon freshers, or whatever it’s called, week should be quite mental and it would be cool to sleep in a shared dorm with someone chill.”



“I kind of have no idea what it’s gonna be like. Probably bare drinking and dropping.”



“The excitement of a new setting, the excitement of meeting new people and making new friends, the excitement of learning new things and the excitement of clubs and girls will definitely be a motivating factor in the early weeks of uni. I believe the excitement will last a few days. Three-hour lectures wouldn’t seem so long at first, but I’m certain the fun will cease when I’m given my first assignment and I realise I’m actually here to become a lawyer and not to screw about.

“An abundance of essays to write, coupled with a part-time job outside of uni will be tiring, time consuming and spirit crushing. I will wholeheartedly miss the times where I could come home and do nothing but play games and eat and not care about money, let alone school work. Although, I do anticipate leaving education on the backseat, and instead soak up the club scene, go to party after party and chase girl after girl for the first few weeks. I’ll be taking full advantage of the fact I’m 18 – not that age stopped me before”.


“I think that university is different from person to person some people go to learn for the first year when others party. I think university is essential for your future both academic and social.”



“Mental… Hopefully. I think it’s gonna be fun but bad food and no sleep. I’m probably gonna overdo it with alcohol the first few nights.”


“I mean from television and shit I’m sorta expecting a shit ton of booze and parties but in reality I’m sure it’s gonna be a lot less fun and a lot more work.”