Aron Keller
Leeds Editor at The Tab

Here’s what happened when Jeremy Corbyn took over Hyde Park

He said: ‘Universities shouldn’t be a debt for the rest of your life’

60 per cent of students at Leeds will vote Labour in the general election

The Tab survey also shows that 23 per cent will vote Conservative

EXCLUSIVE: Bakery 164 is putting on a night at Canal Mills

Your two favourite things sandwiched together

All the boys you’ll meet on Tinder in Leeds before you smash your phone against a wall

You’re probably on this list

LUU launch Leo DiCaprio-inspired sustainability campaign

What Would Leo Do?

Leeds students to hold fundraiser in support of asylum seekers and refugees

They’re raising money for the Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network

The LUU exec isn’t backing the NSS boycott, here’s why they should be

The National Student Survey is a ruse to raise tuition fees

Leeds rapper shoots music video in uni halls

Featuring rowdy students exiting lifts, narrow corridors, and lots of fist-pumping in kitchens

Step aside Melz, the new LUU king of grime is here

“Feedback everywhere, feedback in the club, banners in the union, banners in LUBS”

Drake ordered nothing above medium spice in his Nando’s chicken order

The Tab can reveal

Leeds University Union to launch its first ever LGBTQ+ club night

It will take place on February 1st at Pyramid in the Union

Famous Leeds sociologist Zygmunt Bauman dies at age 91

A world leader in his field, Bauman was also a strong moral voice for the poor and marginalised

Some universities are apparently becoming ‘no-go zones for Jews’

Baroness Deech claims some universities are gaining reputation for hostility to Jewish students

This is what YouGov thinks you’ll be like after you leave Leeds

Spoiler: they’re wrong

We asked staff at Pret how to get a free coffee

‘We have to give away around £35 worth of coffee and food each week’

Scotty T has quit the Leeds Snow White panto in a row over pay


There is now a ‘ginternship’ where you can literally get paid to drink gin

What a way to make a living

All the most 2016 things to happen in Leeds in 2016

Are you bored of it yet?

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have launched a Christmas song about a chip pan

It’s a Kings of Leon cover

The votes are in, Jamie Ali is Leeds’ most eligible bachelor

‘I like to hope I can stay grounded’

Meet the pro-Palestinian student running to lead Jewish students in Britain

He’s been called the ‘Jewish Jeremy’

Leeds’ most eligible bachelor: The final

‘E Pluribus Unum’ – Out of Many, One

Union exec publish supportive open letter to Jewish students about anti-Semitism

They plan to launch a campaign against hate-crimes

Meet the guys doing Movember in Leeds

There’s still time to donate!

Leeds’ most eligible bachelor: Round two

Its 2016, anyone could win

Leeds Union will donate your leftover stuff to charity this Christmas

Give back to the community before you leave for the holidays

Leeds’ most eligible bachelor: Round one

No one wants to die alone, tbf

Meet the first year who’s a finalist in Asos’ design competition

She deserves this

Two people have been arrested for murdering a 24-year-old in Hyde Park

It happened last week

There’s a huge class divide at Leeds, and it needs to be addressed

Universities should be a place where ideas, perspectives and peoples experiences clash

The Coca-Cola christmas truck is visiting Leeds this week

Holidays are coming

‘Literally everyone is fit in Leeds’: We sat down with Charlotte Crosby

She says we have the best nightlife in the UK, and she knows.

Charlotte Crosby talks about her Ectopic pregnancy and the problem with Tinder

‘You need to stay strong’

Donald Trump is president and Hillary Clinton is partly to blame

Clinton was viewed as the guardian of the status quo by a country that wanted to see the entire system burn.

When you wake up and the world has literally frozen over: What Leeds looks like today

Oh the weather outside is frightful… and so is the world

Kids have been setting off fireworks on Hyde Park doorsteps

They were caught on camera

Meet the Leeds engineers starting their own Robot Wars

Maybe Craig Charles will present it?

Harley-oween: A huge motorbike gang are terrorising Leeds

All hell (angels) has broken loose

Hundreds of people attended a candlight vigil for Harambe in Leeds

Wicks out for Harambe

Essentials are selling individual Babybels for 59p and it is a scandal

Is this meant to be some kind of sick joke?

Scotty T is doing panto in Leeds

The Geordie Shore star will be getting mortal with the Seven Dwarfs

Thousands of people are attending a Harambe vigil in Leeds

What a time to be alive

There’s finally a coffee shop in Hyde Park

Leeds coffee roasters have set up their first cafe

Everything you need to know about the new Edward Boyle

Level 13 is now just for postgrads

Leeds has been named University of the Year

And we’re the 13th best UK uni

Girls from Leeds uni are the second most swiped right on Tinder

We’re officially fitter than Manchester

The very best of Leeds freshers’ groups 2016

They’re coming

Labour MP Jo Cox stabbed and shot to death in brutal attack

She was pronounced dead at the scene

Millennials aren’t lazy, we just care more about finding meaning from a career

We expect more than just a paycheck – we want a purpose too

Getting angry at your job means you’re less likely to quit

A new study says you’ll chicken out

This is what happened when I went to volunteer in the Calais ‘Jungle’

3,500 refugees are still stranded

I’m gutted life is so boring now I’ve finished my exams

The slow demise of Yik Yak is imminent

These are the people who want you to vote for them on May 7th

Forget Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, this is the only fight worth watching

I watched Fox News for 12 hours straight


Tab blind date: Henry and Alice

Like Tinder but it’s real life