Take this career test to find out what you should really do after uni

It’s time to stop stressing about the future

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Swimming through coffee, an adrenaline-fuelled blur of typing fingers, the headache-inducing glare of neon lights – all-nighters at the library are a staple of uni life. Unfortunately, when it comes to figuring out what you want to do after uni, 24-hour stints in the library aren’t going to help.

Neither of which are the careers fairs and job ads, whose sole purpose seems to be to make you as confused as possible until you become nearly overwhelmed with choice. No thanks, tote bags and free pens are only going to get you so far.

Luckily we’ve found a solution – the Universum Career Test. Now you can stop trawling through cryptic job ads and finally get the helping hand you deserve.

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Now you’ve got the celebrations over with, it’s time to start the job hunt


What is it?

• A 15-minute long test with questions centred around what you’re looking for in a grad job


How do I do it?

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Start answering questions*

*It’s as easy as that!


What do I get?

• A break down of your personality type

• Help negotiating your first salary – you’ll be able to see your expected salary in comparison to your peers

• What your future career path looks like

• A list of your strengths and weaknesses

• A list of employers suited to your personality

• A FREE CV review


Once you’ve done the test, you can also download their soft skills handbook (which includes everything employers really look for) and get a free CV check to ensure you don’t waste those applications. No waffle, all fact.

So what are you waiting for? The power is now in your hands – go and find out whether you’re destined to be a startup queen or a creative guru.


Trying to work out what you want to do after uni is hard, especially when the uni careers services aren’t being that helpful

So, why not make things easier for yourself and take the Universum Career Test now?

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