Lexi Nahl
Lexi Nahl

The cost of missing an 8:30am class in terms of things you’d far rather have at Villanova

Spoiler alert: It’s a lot of burritos

Vehicle catches fire in popular student apartment complex

‘It started small, but by the time the fire department came, the flames were like twelve feet high’

We challenged guys to think about rape culture on campus

“Not in our locker room”

Villanova professors speak up about post-election racially motivated assaults

They’ve made a formal pledge to students in a letter

There is a Mass tonight to remember sophomore John Flanagan

He tragically passed away on Sunday

We spoke to the students behind the Villanova Black Lives Matter protest

Their letter to Father Peter outlined a list of demands to make the school more racially inclusive

A Villanova student has been arrested after filming in Tolentine restroom

19-year-old Vincent Kane was arrested by Villanova Chief of Police today

People are going mad for the Hoops Mania black market

‘Selling one Poland Spring water bottle for $125, it also comes with a Hoops Mania ticket’

Meet the man standing up to homophobia at Villanova

‘When you think ‘Villanova’, you don’t really think ‘gay”

Milo’s canceled appearance is a clear win for Villanova women

His rhetoric perpetuates a dangerous narrative that confines us to a man’s world

Milo Yiannopoulos’ Villanova speaking date canceled

He was due to speak on November 15th