Hatie Kopkins

Hatie Kopkins
Edinburgh University


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Justice: Meadows rapist jailed for six years

He’s also been added to the sex offenders’ list

The police are investigating ‘irregularities’ in University finances

Mo money mo problems

STEM up in arms after EUSA bans weapons companies from campus

They called the decision ‘ludicrous’

Edinburgh is the ‘best place to live’ in the country

Much better than Glasgow

Edinburgh is the biggest rent rip off in the UK

Across the UK rents have increased by around 12% compared to last year.

Police Scotland have launched the cringiest safety campaign ever

It’s really wet

Edinburgh is the friendliest city in the UK

Suck it Glasgow

The Journal folds after eight years

They had to call in bankruptcy lawyers

Man raped on George IV Bridge early this morning

He was attacked in broad daylight

Number taking drugs in uni accommodation reaches shocking five year high

Over 50 got a written warning this year

Edinburgh accepted £3 million from arms dealers and mining companies

So much for disinvestment

Tragic Medicine prof trampled to death by cows ‘going mad’

Mike Porter was attacked by a herd of 30 cows while out with his dogs

Edinburgh drops again in the rankings – we’re now below HERIOT-WATT


Speculative Society opens up to women

How many will actually join?

Union branded anti-Semitic by Jewish Society president

Boycott Israel motion to take place on Passover

How much does your lecturer get paid?

Bloody economists

Would you like to spend £100 to see corpses?

Because now you can

The South is best and I can prove it

There’s nothing north of Bristol anyway

Edinburgh officially best Scottish university

You can take our funding but you can’t take our talent

Top Scottish universities to suffer funding cut as millions allocated to lower ranked unis

‘This will cause Scotland to lose an important competitive advantage that delivers jobs and opportunities’

Edinburgh to suffer £14 million funding cut as money reallocated to lower ranked unis

‘This will cause Scotland to lose an important competitive advantage that delivers jobs and opportunities’

Edinburgh crazy coders win global competition

Look at these sexy web charlatans

Dopey drug dealer gets into police car ‘by mistake’

He had a good business alongside his Business Studies degree

Second year medic dies after tragic fall

It is believed he fell from a window at a party

Don’t worry, you’ll be on £50k within five years

The hard work pays off

New Town is far better than Marchmont

You know it makes sense