Helen Cahill

Catz Out The Bag

Catz JCR President David Wade celebrates April 1st by sending a prank email to all college undergrads.

Ordeals for Queens’ Students

The Senior Tutor at Queens’ has sent out two urgent messages to undergraduates, after a report of indecent exposure and an attack.


A minority of chundering, loutish students have been warned not to spoil Homerton bops for everyone else.

Get Set, Goat!

Preparations are under way for the most talked-about sporting event of the year: the Varsity Goat Race.


The Tab gets its prediction spot on as Flick Osborn comes out on top in the CUSU presidential elections. Read all the action from the night, as it happened.

Cambridge Compliments

HELEN CAHILL wants a uni-wide sabotage of Cambridge Compliments, the latest pointless gimmick to hit Facebook.

EDL Falls Flat

Hundreds of Cambridge UAF protesters march in opposition to a drunken and depleted EDL.

Le Pen Protest Planned

Students are once again outraged at The Union’s controversial choice of speaker.

Union Courts Controversy Once More

The Union reveals two new speakers, including far-right French politician Marine Le Pen.

Homerton Gets A First

Homerton has become the first Oxbridge college to implement the living wage.

Erotica Enthusiasts

Cambridge is announced as a hotspot for smutty literature.

Women March Alone

Cambridge women march to demand safer streets.

Cambridge slams A-level reforms

Cambridge opposes the Education Secretary’s planned A-level reforms.

Cam Most Gay-Friendly Uni

Cambridge is the UK’s most gay-friendly higher education institution, according to a recent survey conducted by Stonewall.

Assange Settles For Second Best

The WikiLeaks founder is set to speak at Oxford this month, but the Cambridge Union decides not to risk more ‘technical problems’.