Amanda Ross
Amanda Ross

Amanda believes in only three things: love, aliens, and society being on the brink of a full-blown emo revival. It's still 2007 to her, by which we mean she acts like she's still in seventh grade. She enjoys tequila, long fights in the comments sections, and FaceTuning her nudes which she will make you look at whether you like it or not.

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‘Most followed person’ Katy Perry lost millions of followers in Twitter’s spam account crackdown

I have to laugh!

Selena Gomez is dating a teenager who looks exaaaactly like baby Justin Bieber

Don’t date babies, babies, babies, ohhh!

I’ll never listen to Halsey again after this sickening lie she told us about cheating

Everything is LIES! Her name, her songs!

This picture of Hailey Baldwin’s engagement ring from Justin Bieber sure explains a lot

Oh, now I get it

Here’s every unreleased Taylor Swift song you’ve never heard before

Let’s put my degree in Swiftology to good use

Here are the sexiest photos of Katy Perry

Pop queen in the streets, freak in the sheets

Everything you need to know about having a boob job

In case you want to go up a few cup sizes

Want to hate yourself? Here are the sexiest pictures of Dove Cameron

Including some nudesssss 😍

Kylie Jenner just made a step-by-step video tutorial on her most iconic makeup look

It’s the classic Kylie, really

How to roll a joint: A step-by-step guide

It’s the easiest way to get high

Cardi B and Offset have been secretly married for almost a year, documents confirm

The marriage license doesn’t lie!

There’s one huge problem with ‘Friends’ no one’s ever talked about…until now

Friends has been gas-lighting America for decades

QUIZ: What type of hoe are you?

I’m the Luxury Hoe, obviously

Being a Thot Mom is the only aspiration I have left in life

Forget a career, I wanna bottle-feed my baby Flat Tummy Tea

Dr. Phil might just be the hottest man in our solar system

And you can’t change my mind

Can someone explain this new naked Kim Kardashian video to me…? I’m confused….

Kimmy, wyd?

Babe is hiring reporters, writers, social media experts and video stars for our NYC office

Come play in Brooklyn with us, we’ve got snacks

Kim’s meeting with Trump worked. Alice Marie Johnson is being released from prison

Trump granted her clemency this afternoon