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This thread of dumb shit people have said to celebrities is proof none of us deserve anything good in life

‘I told Halsey I was worried about her’

OK, this is the ideal Tinder first date outfit and makeup look, trust me on this one!

What to wear, how to stunt, where to do it

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Oh so she’s a VOTER voter!

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If you absolutely insist on getting your ex back, here’s how to do it

We’re talking ALL about it

Don’t freak out but there’s a way to always find out if he actually likes you

Where was this three years ago????

Taylor Swift asks foot fetishists to please vote this November

The rest of the world was black-and-white…but our feet were in screaming color

Sexy Slenderman is officially the greatest of the ‘did that really need to be sexy?’ Halloween costumes

Internet cryptid, but make it fashion

Republicans are burning their Taylor Swift merch after her big political announcement

*Laughs in Swiftie*

Who was stupid enough to donate half a million dollars to Brett Kavanaugh’s family?

‘I hope you will show your support for a good man who has been treated very, very badly’

Babe is hiring a news reporter for our New York office

Join us, we have a staggering amount of snacks

47 things I now know about Judge Brett Kavanaugh

He really likes beer, y’all!

‘He didn’t rape me, so I thought I should just move on’: The most heartbreaking moment of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony is also the most relatable

The secret shame of “it could have been worse”

Beyoncé’s ex-drummer is accusing her of ‘extreme witchcraft’ and murdering a pet kitten

I hope the witchcraft part is true, at least

Horny Facts: The best Twitter account if you’re neither horny nor seeking facts

Can someone check on the person who runs it? I’m getting kind of worried….

Forget the Summer Of Scam — it’s all about the Fall Of Finesse

Subtle and sneaky, but with sweaters

Justin Bieber’s been scammed into not signing a prenup because his marriage to Hailey Baldwin ‘will last forever’

He’s worth a quarter of a BILLION, but okay!

Blake, there’s people that are dying

The actress tries out for the Oppression Olympics

Wanna know every graphic, upsetting detail about Donald Trump’s penis? Too bad, here it is!

If I have to suffer, so do you!

Get ready to smash that mf Nut Button, here’s Lana Del Rey’s super hot brother!

Hermano Del Rey!