Amanda Ross
Amanda Ross

Amanda's the editor of babe dot net, but she achieves a healthy work-life balance by always making time to buy her cat clothes and artfully FaceTuning her nudes. If Amanda's not in the babe office, you can probably find her fighting with stan Twitter about rapidly aging popstars or refusing to get off the club stage until the DJ plays her song. Find her on Insta and Twitter @itsamandaross

Blake, there’s people that are dying

The actress tries out for the Oppression Olympics

Wanna know every graphic, upsetting detail about Donald Trump’s penis? Too bad, here it is!

If I have to suffer, so do you!

Get ready to smash that mf Nut Button, here’s Lana Del Rey’s super hot brother!

Hermano Del Rey!

‘I’m so sorry I couldn’t fix you’: Ariana Grande just posted the most heartbreaking post about Mac Miller

I’m glad she turned the comments off, tbh

MAMMA MIA! This mom claims to have the skrongest vagina in the nation!

Good for her! I guess!

Here’s how to make sure your crush doesn’t see those drunk Instagram DMs you sent last night

This just solved 99 percent of my problems

Someone call PETA, Kendall Jenner is naked and rubbing her vag on a horse

Ol’ Dead Eyes is at it again

Are those Happy Bunny t-shirts from middle school the reason we’re all like this?

‘Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them’

People who watch all your Instagram Stories but never like your posts are the fakest bitches on this planet


If you like swiping on Tinder, you might be a psychopath

According to one study, anyway

I thought the guy who plays Peter Kavinsky was super hot…then I looked at his Twitter

You know who’s beautiful?🤔 Read that first word again 😛😛😛

Don’t let anyone with a Snapchat filter profile pic tell you shit about life

Unfortunately, they’ve always got the most to say

Every problem you have can be solved by loitering at the mall

Actually, let’s bring back loitering in general!

Is anyone else cursed with Resting Priest Face?

Stop telling me this, I can and will testify against you

Did 3OH!3 predict hoeism’s meteoric rise?

It was definitely ahead of its time

Oh, so now it’s a CRIME to pull your titties out and incite a riot on an airplane???

Well then lock me up!

If you don’t use a dozen emojis and several exclamation points in texts, I WILL think you hate me 🌺💖✨☺️💕 💎🎀

‘As per my last email…<3'

Weeabo Ariana Grande just got a giant anime tattoo on her arm

This is fucking Pete’s influence, I s2g