Amanda Ross
Amanda's the editor of babe dot net, but she achieves a healthy work-life balance by always making time to buy her cat clothes and artfully FaceTuning her selfies. If Amanda's not in the babe office, you can probably find her fighting with stan Twitter about rapidly aging popstars or refusing to get off the club stage until the DJ plays her song. Find her on Insta and Twitter @itsamandaross

Here’s all the Oscar nominees for this year

If they don’t give them all to A Star is Born I will burn the academy down

Why is this egg prettier than me and you?

No, a different egg

Ariana Grande’s new music video just killed me, brought me back to life, then called me a broke bitch

‘This is the white girl Bitch Better Have My Money’

Kendall Jenner’s real skincare routine leaked, proving she’s already the biggest scammer of 2019

This is getting out of control

I don’t know, I think McDonald’s at the White House is kind of a flex

Or maybe I’m just trash

BREAKING: Bumble now lets you filter users by star sign

Never date a Scorpio again!

Is the GOP’s entire strategy just to make their enemies look cool and sexy? Can I be next?

First Beto, now AOC!

Let’s just cancel Capricorn season, ok?

I KNOW they think they’re better than me

Kim and Kanye are having another baby!

This makes number four

This guy tried to shoot up a Taco Bell because they didn’t give him enough sauce

If it was ranch, I’d understand

No, 2019 will be the year we all finally get hot


Give Up Now: Experts indicate 2019 will be the worst year yet for the worst reason yet

God hath forsaken us

You can finally get an answer to your ‘but does he like me?’ question….

It’s complicated!

This 500-year-old skeleton will win next season’s Drag Race

And I’m NOT talking about your mom

Did anyone else notice this kind of racist moment in the ‘thank u, next’ video…?

‘I know you didn’t think a white girl made that shit up!’

This extra-chunky cow is a big moo-oood

I’m udderly disinterested in anything that’s not bread

This thread of dumb shit people have said to celebrities is proof none of us deserve anything good in life

‘I told Halsey I was worried about her’

OK, this is the ideal Tinder first date outfit and makeup look, trust me on this one!

What to wear, how to stunt, where to do it

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Oh so she’s a VOTER voter!

We launched a podcast that might actually help you master the dating apps