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Amanda's the editor of babe dot net, but she achieves a healthy work-life balance by always making time to buy her cat clothes and artfully FaceTuning her selfies. If Amanda's not in the babe office, you can probably find her fighting with stan Twitter about rapidly aging popstars or refusing…
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Why is this egg prettier than me and you?

No, a different egg

The bar is on the floor

But here’s a palate cleanser

Glossier expanded its foundation shade range for the first time ever

It’s about damn time

Ariana Grande tried to get a ‘7 Rings’ tattoo and it went horribly, deliciously wrong

Let’s rev up those fryers!

Ariana Grande revealed what her ‘Thank U, Next’ album is about…but I think you already know

Hint: He’s got BDE and looks like a sexy frog

Just wear these Viktor and Rolf dresses instead of communicating with anyone you know

‘I’m not shy, I just don’t like you’

Here’s all the Oscar nominees for this year

If they don’t give them all to A Star is Born I will burn the academy down

Ariana Grande’s new music video just killed me, brought me back to life, then called me a broke bitch

‘This is the white girl Bitch Better Have My Money’

Kendall Jenner’s real skincare routine leaked, proving she’s already the biggest scammer of 2019

This is getting out of control

I don’t know, I think McDonald’s at the White House is kind of a flex

Or maybe I’m just trash

BREAKING: Bumble now lets you filter users by star sign

Never date a Scorpio again!

Is the GOP’s entire strategy just to make their enemies look cool and sexy? Can I be next?

First Beto, now AOC!

Let’s just cancel Capricorn season, ok?

I KNOW they think they’re better than me

Kim and Kanye are having another baby!

This makes number four

This guy tried to shoot up a Taco Bell because they didn’t give him enough sauce

If it was ranch, I’d understand

No, 2019 will be the year we all finally get hot


Give Up Now: Experts indicate 2019 will be the worst year yet for the worst reason yet

God hath forsaken us

#FlashbackFriday: The time a teenage Demi Lovato stan account tweeted a bomb threat at an airline

Never forget @queendemitriax_

This 500-year-old skeleton will win next season’s Drag Race

And I’m NOT talking about your mom

Did anyone else notice this kind of racist moment in the ‘thank u, next’ video…?

‘I know you didn’t think a white girl made that shit up!’

This extra-chunky cow is a big moo-oood

I’m udderly disinterested in anything that’s not bread

This thread of dumb shit people have said to celebrities is proof none of us deserve anything good in life

‘I told Halsey I was worried about her’

OK, this is the ideal Tinder first date outfit and makeup look, trust me on this one!

What to wear, how to stunt, where to do it

??Send this to?of your raunchiest??registered??ratchets??or say BOY?BYE to the??Dicklaration???of Independence✍️

Oh so she’s a VOTER voter!

We launched a podcast that might actually help you master the dating apps


If you absolutely insist on getting your ex back, here’s how to do it

We’re talking ALL about it

Don’t freak out but there’s a way to always find out if he actually likes you

Where was this three years ago????

Taylor Swift asks foot fetishists to please vote this November

The rest of the world was black-and-white…but our feet were in screaming color

Sexy Slenderman is officially the greatest of the ‘did that really need to be sexy?’ Halloween costumes

Internet cryptid, but make it fashion

Republicans are burning their Taylor Swift merch after her big political announcement

*Laughs in Swiftie*

Babe is hiring a news reporter for our New York office

Join us, we have a staggering amount of snacks

47 things I now know about Judge Brett Kavanaugh

He really likes beer, y’all!

How would you describe this sound Lady Gaga is making?

Come settle this argument, please

‘He didn’t rape me, so I thought I should just move on’: The most heartbreaking moment of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony is also the most relatable

The secret shame of “it could have been worse”

Beyoncé’s ex-drummer is accusing her of ‘extreme witchcraft’ and murdering a pet kitten

I hope the witchcraft part is true, at least

Horny Facts: The best Twitter account if you’re neither horny nor seeking facts

Can someone check on the person who runs it? I’m getting kind of worried….

Forget the Summer Of Scam — it’s all about the Fall Of Finesse

Subtle and sneaky, but with sweaters

Justin Bieber’s been scammed into not signing a prenup because his marriage to Hailey Baldwin ‘will last forever’

He’s worth a quarter of a BILLION, but okay!

Blake, there’s people that are dying

The actress tries out for the Oppression Olympics

Wanna know every graphic, upsetting detail about Donald Trump’s penis? Too bad, here it is!

If I have to suffer, so do you!

Get ready to smash that mf Nut Button, here’s Lana Del Rey’s super hot brother!

Hermano Del Rey!

‘I’m so sorry I couldn’t fix you’: Ariana Grande just posted the most heartbreaking post about Mac Miller

I’m glad she turned the comments off, tbh

MAMMA MIA! This mom claims to have the skrongest vagina in the nation!

Good for her! I guess!

Looks like Beyoncé picked a side in the messy Cardi B-Nicki Minaj feud

My loyal, my shield!

Here’s how to make sure your crush doesn’t see those drunk Instagram DMs you sent last night

This just solved 99 percent of my problems

Someone call PETA, Kendall Jenner is naked and rubbing her vag on a horse

Ol’ Dead Eyes is at it again

Are those Happy Bunny t-shirts from middle school the reason we’re all like this?

‘Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them’

People who watch all your Instagram Stories but never like your posts are the fakest bitches on this planet


If you like swiping on Tinder, you might be a psychopath

According to one study, anyway

I thought the guy who plays Peter Kavinsky was super hot…then I looked at his Twitter

You know who’s beautiful?? Read that first word again ???

Don’t let anyone with a Snapchat filter profile pic tell you shit about life

Unfortunately, they’ve always got the most to say

Every problem you have can be solved by loitering at the mall

Actually, let’s bring back loitering in general!

Is anyone else cursed with Resting Priest Face?

Stop telling me this, I can and will testify against you

Let’s look back at all the Abercrombie sister stores we’ve loved and lost

Our malls will never be the same

Did 3OH!3 predict hoeism’s meteoric rise?

It was definitely ahead of its time

Oh, so now it’s a CRIME to pull your titties out and incite a riot on an airplane???

Well then lock me up!

If you don’t use a dozen emojis and several exclamation points in texts, I WILL think you hate me ??✨☺️? ??

‘As per my last email…<3'

Weeabo Ariana Grande just got a giant anime tattoo on her arm

This is fucking Pete’s influence, I s2g

Celebrity men are scamming an entire generation into thinking they don’t have to shower

Trickle-down stinkonomics :(

Enough imagining dead celebrities in Heaven, I’m begging you

First of all, John McCain is in hell

Your weekly horoscopes are here, and this is what it means for your cuffing season

Baby, let the games begin!

Welcome to Virgo Season, the best time of year to reinvent yourself and talk the most shit

The season of Beyonce and secret bitchy-ness

I saw your dad went to the hospital, is everything OK?

Thoughts and prayers

Zara dressing rooms are the deepest, darkest circle of hell

I’ve seen the devil, and it’s my own reflection

Yaaaaas! We achieved female solidarity by patronizing each other to death!

#Kween #Slay #Yaaas #GirlBoss #KillinIt

We’re going to coach you through your next break up LIVE on Insta

Trust us with your LIFE, it’s fine!

My face in profile? I don’t know her!

We only acknowledge straight-on with a tilt

Your weekly horoscopes are here, and it’s time to reinvent yourself for the new season

You know what I’m talking about

Are you rich, caucasian, and stricken with jaundice? Then does Yves Saint Laurent has the foundation for you!

Ideal for snippy PR interns and no one else

All I’ve ever wanted to was to be a Bangs Girl

‘She bangs!’ was always a caption in the beauty magazines of my youth :-(

Let’s talk about my weirdest obsession: The Purge and who would survive it

Knowing who would live is my greatest gift

Every girl needs a trap phone

Even if you’re not actually, y’know, trapping

BEHOLD: Pumpkin Spice Booze, because Pumpkin Spice Lattes are over and they haven’t invented Pumpkin Spice Cocaine yet

Catch me snorting nutmeg

It is time to rise up against The Blue Eyes

Join me, my brothers and sisters

But when will we get Tesla thongs?

Give it to us, bitch @elonmusk

So You Think You Were Born In The Wrong Generation

When girls were girls and men were men!

This girl asked cops to not arrest her because she’s a pretty, ‘very clean white girl’ cheerleader

Bitch blew through a stop sign at 60 mph!

Which one of these women is the real Angelina Jolie?

And which ones are LIARS?

Beyoncé’s Vogue cover is just as ethereally gorgeous as we expected

This is the only thing on my vision board

Jeffree Star, part-time racist/full-time boiled egg, is threatening to release new music

With Cardi B!!!!

Limber up, girls and gays! It’s almost Big Boi Season

I say this as sweat rolls off my titties

Story Time: God is REAL, with proof (NOT CLICKBAIT)

LMS if u cried :-(

A definitive ranking of every shitty boyfriend Serena ran through on Gossip Girl

Including all the ones you forgot about

Billboard Charts indicate everyone’s getting dumped this week

We’ve all got that summertime sadness, apparently

Does Taylor Swift wear butt pads? One super-fan’s quest to discover the truth

Amanda and the Mysterious Case of the Reappearing Ass

Who’s right? Me or this Timothee Chalamet stan?

The War of the Rat II: Musty Strikes Back

Ed Westwick won’t face any rape charges due to ‘lack of evidence’

Three women accused him of sexual assault

Is jail the move this summer? Twitter seems to think so….

The one move that can’t be unmoved

Can you spooky bitches settle down?

It’s literally still July

What your phone charger’s current state of distress says about you as a person

‘What percent are you on?’

Some incarcerated hero attacked Larry Nassar in prison, apparently

Y’all hear sumin’?

Female Excellence? This woman is obsessed with having the largest ass in human history

Baby got back! But also maybe body dysmorphia

Do these intimate pictures of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott make you horny or terrified?

Or maybe both

‘Most followed person’ Katy Perry lost millions of followers in Twitter’s spam account crackdown

I have to laugh!

Selena Gomez is dating a teenager who looks exaaaactly like baby Justin Bieber

Don’t date babies, babies, babies, ohhh!

I’ll never listen to Halsey again after this sickening lie she told us about cheating

Everything is LIES! Her name, her songs!

Free My Girl: Stormy Daniels arrested for slapping a cop with her titties

My anti-police queen!

This picture of Hailey Baldwin’s engagement ring from Justin Bieber sure explains a lot

Oh, now I get it

Here’s every unreleased Taylor Swift song you’ve never heard before

Let’s put my degree in Swiftology to good use

Kylie Jenner just made a step-by-step video tutorial on her most iconic makeup look

It’s the classic Kylie, really

Cardi B and Offset have been secretly married for almost a year, documents confirm

The marriage license doesn’t lie!