Made in Chelsea: Episode 3

‘I love cab drivers, they’re one of my favourite breeds of people’- Victoria.

Well, last week was a little bit of a shell-shock for us with all of the tension building up between Jamie and Spence over Kimberley, and Chelsea girls in general, as is uncovered this week. With more of the girls flouncing around in sexy clothing (Note: Natalie last week…) but a little less clothing this time around;  and yes, of course, another lavish party in the true Chelsea style.

Setting the scene, we’re taken shopping for the party to be thrown later, in a lingerie boutique with Millie and Louise. Millie sports some very revealing nightwear… tattoos on show… It’s almost like a Chelsea-style trip to Ann Summers – Whips n’all… as Mark Francis casually turns up pretending to look for a costume too in order to invite Millie to a Candy sweets tasting for Jamie’s new investment (as a member of the family that invented Quality Street, how she has that tiny little booty I do not know.) M-Francis laughably (full of innuendos) claims ‘I should probably withdraw’ LOL.

There is just so much going on in this episode, it literally is non-stop drama. And I love it. It is most definitely the best of the bunch so far. Everyone is aware of the intense but extremely serious ‘unwritten rule’, and that goes especially for girls (hovering over the Chesca-Richard-Gabbie situation), which later unfolds…Gabby (described by Ollie as the ‘fun-killer’) isn’t, Spence doesn’t seem to grasp the REAL rule of not going with friends’ ex’s, ever. It’s just not okay.

Kimberley goes on dates with both Jamie and Spencer. Jamie reveals he has feelings for someone else (Louise) which is then discussed in the second date with Spencer as Spence decides he no longer has feelings for Kimb (coincidence?) – douche.

Rosie goes for an interview at Glamour, just to twist things up competition wise with her and ex-bezzie Millie. Ouch. Jamie’s friend Gemma is back on the scene, with an interview with Rich Richard, whom she used to work for before hilariously getting drunk and removing a policeman’s boots…hah. There’s also a cheeky moment with Binky and Chesc working out…check this one out for your selves… all innuendo’s in the scene are intended.

The lavish party in this episode is the ‘Pyjama party’ where Millie is casually dropped off in a mahoosive car driven by Prof Green himself (told you he’d make a sneaky appearance!)… not quite your snuggly hoodie and baggy-oversized mens PJ bottoms/boxers ladies… more the seductive valentines.  The ladies were dolled up like Victoria’s Secret models in silk bodices, lace bras and sexy knee-high socks. All apart from the few that went for the more comfy look (Gabs and Binky, god love ’em). We see tension arise between Gabs and Chesca and Richard leaves us on a little bit of a cliff-hanger with his very confusing feelings…

However, the best part of this episode, I’m sure you’ll all agree with, is when Jamie turns up at Louise’s door in Edinburgh to declare his true feelings for her (told you it would be very ‘Love Actually’). It is utterly brilliant and very natural unlike a lot of the other acting in the show (Kimberley to name but one… acting very innocent with her sweet lil’ voice and cute face/gestures but just dressing not so similarly). I love Jamie, not in the same fanciable way as Proudlock, but bless him he’s just so adorable and I hate how he is practically bullied by Spence. SO, when he arrives to share his feelings with Louise I just think there’s nothing more romantic… how many of you have a boyfriend/lover that has unexpectedly turned up to surprise you on your doorstep this semester? Not many that I know of. And his little shakes and stutter is just too adorable – however, Spencer is always there to spoil the moment (even if he’s not there physically)…as he’s already onto the situation, texting Louise.

Coming up next week: More Spence and Jamie tension as Spencer is now also onto Louise declaring he ‘doesn’t understand quite how much she means to him’…after like a day. Louise is beautiful and Jamie is adorable, and Spence is just not. Ja-lou all the way! Wow, that does sound very chic and Chelsea-esque…it’s just meant to be.

Gabbie/Chesc/Richard may actually be revealed… and Millie and Rosie actually talk, who knows what will happen there?…

I’m so excited for this evening, I literally can’t wait.


Photo: © E4

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