Netball Round-up: Week 5

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NETBALL: MICHAEL ALHADEFF reports as the Queens' and Downing juggernauts rumble on.

Downing and Queens’ continue to move in the right direction as the eventually thawing of conditions allowed a resumption of action on college courts. Such moves are happening precisely at the right time as the league moves toward the end of term.

Queens’ 23-15 Muz

Queens’ got their title challenge back on track with an impressive victory against high-flyers Muz. A high pressured game by Queens’ allowed them to take home the points. They were helped by the attacking pairing of Hannah Cahill and Becky Lawrence who were able to convert a lot of Queens’ efforts coming down the courts into goals. An almost telepathic link between Lottie Mungavin and Becky Lawrence inspired some creative balls into the circle. Meanwhile, the defensive pairing of Rose Harvey and Katie Hamilton helped repel the endeavours of Muz – the former considerably battle scared for her troubles. Queens’ are thus buoyant going into the latter stages of the term, especially as this victory avenged the sound beating last term.

Jesus  25-10 Newnham

Jesus showed no ill-effect from their extended lay-off in producing accomplished display to Newnham. Last term’s champions still have the intent to hold onto their crown and victories against the likes of Newnham will go a long way to ensuring this happen. Meanwhile, the result will have given some  thinking for Newnham to do as this setback will not want to detract from the good start they have made this term.

Downing 26-15 Catz

Downing are also showing some fine form with a confident win over Catz. They got off to a flyer outscoring their opponent 7-2 in the first quarter – a lead they were never likely to yield from then on. They were helped in part by the ease in which they moved the ball down court from GD Celia Harrison to C Philippa Geering and WA Katie Tillson who fed the ball into the shooting circle. Catz were able to put up some resistance during the second quarter, narrowing Downing’s advantage momentarily, but by the end of the third quarter Downing had widened the gap again with a series of turnovers. The match revealed the strengths in the Downing side this term with Fran Thornton and Call Harris continuing to work well together as a duo within shooting circle nipping between the Catz players, while at the other end of the court GK Emma Jenkins and GD Celia pressured the shooters with their clean marking and pulled in some super rebounds. For Catz, their shooting impressed, notably from Lexi Boreham, but the side was hampered by a lack of players for substitutions.

Emma 13-7 John’s

Emma have continued to produce some impressive displays since their arrival in the first division. They were able to edge out John’s in a close affair. The match itself struggled to settle into a rhythm as great passages of plays were broken up by scrappiness. Emma were helped by a strong display at the back with Sinead O’Dwyer putting in a strong performance at GK, her great lean really impeding the John’s shooters. There were also some great interceptions at WD from Miny Sainsbury. However, an equally strong John’s defence meant Emma were unable to fully extend their lead.

Photos courtesy of Sarah Sheldon

  • Who

    the fuck is 'Muz'?

    • i guess

      murray edwards?

    • Probably

      Murray Edwards.

  • The truth

    Nobody cares….

  • Anon

    Can we rename this article to “Moronic Freshers Furious because they overbought food and cannot stack it in fridge correctly”?

    You don’t need 3 milks, a water filter and 14 types of butter in 1 fridge for a start. Learn to share, you’re in University compromise is a *thing* in the real world. Also potatoes, bread and eggs shouldn’t be in the fridge anyway. As for the clever ass trying to make the fridge look fuller by spacing the shelves out and standing the wine up – really? No.

    This is the whiniest article ever. If you’re really basing your perception of fridge overcrowding off this house – move on honey and ask your neighbours for advice on how to adult.

    • Sarah Jane Callaway

      Don’t think you really understand what it’s like. Myself and my boyfriend lived with some bad people in our first year so there’s no way we’d share stuff with them when they were permanently making our lives difficult. When we transferred rooms we never even saw the new flatmates because they were studying all day and night so never came in the kitchen barely. The space they have is shocking and reminds me of where we were on our first year so it’s kind of wrong to tell them that they’re not being adult enough if you think about how much normal people should have in their diet.
      Also, in student accommodation, it tends to be boiling hot for some reason so eggs normally go in the fridge to stop them rotting way before the date…

    • Ashley

      If the rent is anything like other student accommodation then the rent paid between the six students is around two thousand a month (probably more as my campus accommodation was more than £400 a month per person). For such a figure coming in you’d expect to have decent appliances provided and a shelf in a fridge to yourself. Most student houses are well below the standard that they should be compared to normal rented accommodation at the same price, so yes the fridge space could be optimised but when they are paying through the nose they shouldn’t have to.

  • Tom Morgan

    @anon – it doesn’t help when the uni doesn’t tell you who you’re living with so that you don’t know what and how much of it to buy, regarding the butter; they have been there since we moved in

    • Anon

      Use your mouth to speak to the people you live with then.

      • Tom Morgan

        Use your eyes to read. The uni doesn’t tell you who you’re living with.. i.e how the hell do you know what to buy before you move in

  • anon

    @anon – Get you head out of your backside and listen. You seem like the kind of person who would live on take-outs rather than getting off your ass and doing some cooking / housework… btw, do you know WHAT a kitchen is?!? Pathetic.

    • JakeyKakey

      I definitely know what cooking/housework feels like, I just make the point of only buying the stuff I need for a day or three instead of whining about how me and all my flatmates each bought 5kg of chicken nuggets and potatos and now there’s no more space in the fridge.

      Your uni fridge is supposed to be a temporary place to stop your food going off before you eat it, you’re not supposed to treat it as your personal pantry and abandon stuff there for weeks until you fancy it.

  • anon

    Well in penbryn block 7 it was 2 between around 23 of us. Yes, it’s catered but people still had to buy food for weekends and times where ta med food isn’t suitable for them.

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