These 13 lyrics from Taylor Swift’s Midnights were practically written for York students

This wasn’t an excuse to listen to the album again, I promise

In case you somehow didn’t know, Taylor Swift just released her tenth studio album, Midnights. On Instagram, she described the Album as containing “stories from 13 sleepless nights” from throughout her life, creating a “collage of intensity, highs and lows and ebbs and flows”.

While the album isn’t directly about student life at York, there are plenty of lyrics which seem to sum it up perfectly. We know Taylor Swift is aware of York uni, having sent Swift Soc merch earlier this year, so it’s not completely unreasonable for us to think that maybe she really did write them for us.

So to fully embrace that fantasy, here are 13 lyrics from Midnights which all York students can relate to:

Lavender Haze 

“All this shit is new to me”

Sums up Freshers’ Week, and first year in general. There’s a lot to learn and get used to and it can be a lot. Hang in there kids x


“Sobbing with your head in your hands” 

Whether it’s in the library or in a club’s smoking area, if you see me crying, just mind your business.


“It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem, it’s me.” 

From sitting in a seminar confused having not done the reading again, to those Thursday 9ams after a Salvos sports night, we’ve all had those moments of self-reflection where we have to come to terms with the fact that maybe we are, in fact, the problem.

With other lyrics like “I have this thing were I get older but just never wiser” this song SCREAMS student.

Snow on the Beach

“Life is emotionally abusive” 

Tell me about it.

You’re on your own, kid

“I waited ages to see you there” 

Standing around Derwent lake in sub-zero weather conditions to see Long Boi, and then questioning your life choices.

We’ve all been there

Midnight Rain 

“Sometimes we all get, some kind of haunted” 

With York being the third most haunted uni in the UK this seems fitting.


“It was one drink after another”

Trying to explain how you managed to end up in Popworld when you said you’d only have one drink.

Vigilante Shit 

“I can tell you how it ends”

Listening to your flatmate defend their messy situationship. It’s not worth it babe, just move on.


“I polish up real nice” 

Showing up to your society’s Christmas formal having committed to a uniform of joggers and jumpers all term. Slay queen x


“Lost in the Labyrinth” 

How doing laps around the Morrell looking for a seat feels.  


“Ask me what I earned for all those tears”

Pouring your absolute heart and soul into an essay only to be hit with 69 again.

Sweet Nothing

“The voices that implore, ‘you should be doing more'”

Listening to people on your course talk about how much work experience they’re doing and feeling inadequate. Not all of us have “connections” I’m trying my best.


“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

Your lecturer going on about the importance of essay planning again when you’ve been getting by fine so far with caffeine, all nighters, and perseverance.

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