Here’s which York icons could replace Liz Truss as Prime Minister

All eyes are on Long Boi

After only 45 days as the UK’s Prime Minster, Liz Truss has resigned, a significant moment in British history due to her being the short-serving PM. After this historically fleeting and chaotic term, our minds have all jumped to the question: who will succeed as the new leader? Although the talk has started on who should be elected, we would like to step in and assist with deciding on the new successor by offering our own options of viable PM’s that you may have witnessed around York.

Will you have faith in Long Boi, or Jason Reilly to be the next PM? Or maybe the classic Blue shit will have the mandate you want delivering. Here are all the York icons that could replace Liz Truss as the next Prime Minister:

The 66 Bus

A chaotic bus service to be honest. Its timetable is so thorough, so clearly labelled, but this bus vibes on its own schedule. You know it would be late for every single official engagement. As Prime Minister, it would spend 24/7 apologising to the public for their incompetence and personally I think the pink would clash with the shiny black of Number 10. Still better than Liz Truss though x

The Dancing doormen in Flares

Icons, enough said. They are the sole reason to go to Flares. Bouncers who strive to make your night even more enjoyable have a special place in our hearts, especially in York. As PM, they would definitely embody positivity and reflect it onto the public. Pure happiness in the UK, just imagine that for a second. And they’d be super chill, I think we all need that in this day and age.


The staff at Efes are elite and any of them could be PM. With their friendliness and generosity, they most certainly would have the majority vote, especially since they have all the student support. Plus, their resilience to regularly deal with drunk students means that they can handle anything thrown their way. Trust us with this one – each of them would be mind-blowingly successful as PM, handing out free chips, Pepsi, and even their own merch. They have more political tactics than Liz ever had.

A Blue Shit

When has a Blue shit ever disappointed you? Can’t think of a time? That’s because they NEVER will. It’s practically impossible for them to not succeed at their job. With their three vodka shots they clearly care about you having fun and, by being within budget, they evidently also have an appreciation that the cost of living is too high. That’s just what we need in a PM.


Supplying the students with the crème de la crème of memes, @imjustyork should be entitled to the role of PM. They’d bring success to the country by sharing tips for freshers, the best gyms, how to avoid scams, geese, and rugby lads. They would share the complete truth with the country and give their honest opinions on the physics students and the Constantine girlies. Maybe the honesty would be too much, or maybe it’s what the country needs. Give imjustyork a couple of years of maturing and we are sure they would be a brilliant PM.

Long Boi

If Long Boi is honorary degree material, we are one hundred per cent certain that he would be an excellent PM. He already has the clout, and would never fail to wish the public well via his very active Instagram account. He’d be a fabulous PM – there is nobody as majestic or sophisticated as York’s very own Long Boi. He has the ability to unite all York students and therefore has the capability to unite the country. With his löngthy merch, there’s no holding back this candidate. He already loves the fame he receives in Derwent, so we just hope it doesn’t get to his head

Jacob Harlow

As York’s Biggest Name On Campus for the second time, even beating Long Boi in 2020, Jacob and the figure of PM are essentially one and the same. With a modern-day political campaign via TikTok Jacob would have unquestionable success. If he has the dedication to keep up a priceless social media presence I am sure Jacob would have the same dedication to fixing the mess of that the UK currently is. He has power, leverage, influence, all the traits we did not see in Liz.

Jason Reilly

Once a legend, but now I’m not too sure. There are undeniably going to be mixed opinions on this one and a divided country is not the aim right now. He has got the reputation, but the risk of lacking student support is too precarious at this moment in time. If we want to hear millions of remixes of Gayle’s “abcdefu” in the House of Commons Jason Reilly is the perfect successor. Just imagine hearing “It’s Jason Reilly every time you turn on the 6 o’clock news!

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