Just eight York things that are longer than Liz Truss’ time as Prime Minister

Long Boi’s neck x

Yesterday, Liz Truss resigned as Prime Minister of the UK after just 45 days making her the shortest-serving Prime Minister in UK history. During her time in office, we’ve seen the Queen’s death, cost of living debates and minister resignations. But whilst everyone is debating who will be the one to replace her, naturally, we were thinking of things in York that were longer than her period in office.

So here are just seven York things that are longer than Liz Truss’ time as Prime Minister:

Long Boi’s neck

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Need I say more? Long Boi is longer than the time in office of the last three Tory Prime Minister’s combined. Long Boi for Prime Minister!

The Wednesday Salvos queue

I’ve seriously stood shivering in that Salvos queue dressed as a crayon for way longer than Truss has been in office. Maybe she resigned so she could go to next week’s Wednesday Salvos? I can see her loving a Jason Reilly remix.

The walk from East to West Campus

When you can’t squeeze onto the packed 66 bus and you’re forced to take the long walk from East to West for your 9am, it can feel longer than 44 days.

The time it takes to find a seat in the Morrell

With lanyard-clad freshers taking up precious seats in Morrell with their Starbucks and Macbooks just to chat with their mates, it can take longer to find a seat between lectures than Liz’s time in office.

York freshers’ time at uni

Speaking of freshers, this year’s lot have been at York less time than Liz has been Prime Minister. Bit embarrassing if you ask me x

The time it takes to login to the VLE using DUO

DUO seriously will be my 13th reason and I’m SICK of it. Seriously, who is wanting to log into my VLE? Want to do my seminar reading for me? Great, please go ahead! It 100 per cent takes longer to get to my reading than Liz was Prime Minister.

The time it takes to down a blue shit

Listen, I can down one of these blue concoctions QUICKLY and it still takes me longer than Liz’s time in office. I bet she’d love a blue shit in Stones.

The number of people you can fit on the back seat of the bus

Ah, the Freshers’ Week classic, the back of the bus chant. If you haven’t had the pleasure of enduring this on the 66 en route to a night out, essentially it’s a chant seeing just how many drunk sweaty people can cram onto the back seat of the bus. I’ve witnessed numbers into the forties so once again, another thing longer than Liz Truss’ time in office.

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