Meet your 2022 BNOC Competition Winner: Jacob Harlow

It’s a big second win for Jacob!

After hundreds of nominations and three intense rounds of voting the results are finally IN and we have our winner.

Huge congratulations to the winner of The York Tab’s BNOC of the year Competition 2022, Jacob Harlow, who has won the competition for the second time!

Third-year nursing student Jacob won The York Tab’s 2020 Big Name on Campus competition for the first time in 2020, even beating second-place Long Boi to the post.

Jacob received an incredible number of nominations this time round with one nominee labelling him as a “TikTok genius”. Jacob’s social media presence has definitely made an impact on York students and his TikToks have proved to be VERY popular.

When asked how he felt about the big win, he said: “It feels amazing to win again, especially after winning two years ago to the famous duck.”

He continued: “Weird story but I had a meeting with Charlie Jeffrey last month and he had been told about the 2020 competition! Thanks for voting”.

It is clear that he is very well known amongst students and staff at York making him a very worthy BNOC winner. Congratulations Jacob!

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