Meet York’s OFFICIAL BNOC of 2020: Jacob Harlow!

His TikTok’s are winners too tbh

After six rounds of voting, that’s right  six rounds of York’s most eligible Biggest Names On Campus…we have a winner! We can now reveal that Jacob Harlow has won the competition to be crowned York’s biggest BNOC 2020!

Not only did he smash the second round, but Jacob dominated the final with over 40% of the final vote! He even managed to beat second placed Longboi!

In response to winning such an esteemed title, Jacob said “Wtf, love that for me! Definitely didn’t expect to win, so I’m pretty happy!”

Jacob goes on to say, “I didn’t particularly want to go to University, but I’ve loved it so far and it’s great to see and hear that people like/respect me.”

“Being accepted isn’t something that I can say I’m used to – being gay is one of those things that people have a lot of different opinions on. You get used to people not liking you and assuming something you’re not (especially when you’ve been in the care system), but I wanted to make sure I could prove people wrong and make a difference. It’s nice to be recognised around campus and remembered for being kind.”

Showing gratitude to his loyal voters, Jacob says “I suppose I just want to say thank you to those that voted for me, although you shouldn’t have. Longboi will always be an icon on campus.”

When asked how he will try and retain his win next year, Jacob explains “It would be nice to win again next year, but I wouldn’t cry myself to sleep if I didn’t get nominated again. I’ll just keep giving off positive vibes as usual and respecting those who respect me. Thank you xoxo”

If you don’t get to see him around campus, Jacob is known for his TikTok; being named a ‘TikTok star’, so get scrolling!