What your favourite place to get coffee on campus at York says about you

Cookies is elite and we all know it!


There is no shortage of places on campus in York to find your caffeine-fix, but have you ever wondered what your seemingly trivial decision says about you? Well wonder no longer as this guide reveals all about your choice of coffee shop. 

Starbucks in Piazza

You are definitely rocking up to Starbucks in Piazza wearing your Constantine College puffer and ordering a caramel iced latte with oat milk (of course). You’re basic but you’re proud of it and your morning Starbies will be published on your Insta story with an aesthetic picture of the lecture notes that you’re writing up because a trek to west campus for your 9am is just too far. 


Did the smell of sausage rolls and cookies tempt you on the cut-through of the biology building?  You’re probably on the way home from your 9am, and it’s ok we’ve all had this experience. A sausage roll and a coffee does wonders for the soul after a seminar first thing, and it makes you the best kind of person if you stop at Cookies to fulfil this need. 

Library Cafe

Ok, we get it, you have your life together and you study in the library with your coffee. You think this makes you better than everyone else, but in reality, you’re just as caffeine addicted as the rest of us! 


Be honest, the coffee was an afterthought of the nachos you’re definitely also ordering. If Courtyard is your coffee location of choice, you have good vibes. You’re reliable, dependable and like to have fun. A trip to Courtyard with you is never quick, since you end up bumping into everyone you know (practically the whole of Courtyard!) 

The Kitchen at Alcuin

You’re just a very nice person. You are that person that can be relied on to have been to the lecture, done the reading and still be the hero that will share the notes with everyone as well. You’re appreciated by the rest of your seminar group! The Kitchen is close enough to the library to have a good study vibe, but you’re not quite as hardcore as the library goers. 

Costa in James

You think you’re better than the Piazza Starbucks girlies because you’re still on west campus, and you know what, you are correct. You religiously collect your little Costa beans on your rewards card and we respect the dedication. You are definitely the sort of person to spend your entire student loan on coffee and then complain that you have no money for actual groceries. 


Glasshouse may be underrated, but this doesn’t mean you are. You’ve probably popped in for one coffee to catch up on lecture notes, but ultimately end up distracted by Instagram and before you know it your cute study date has become cocktails and karaoke. You consider yourself to be verging on indie and are always willing to go the extra mile for your friends. 

Hopefully this short guide to York coffee shops can help your future endeavours, whether you’re trying to reinvent yourself as a chill, social person (go to Courtyard), or solidifying your status as the dependable, nice person (The Kitchen at Alcuin is calling).

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