University of York to hold online graduation ceremonies

It was revealed in an email to students last night

The University of York has announced plans to move its graduation ceremonies online this academic year.

They were originally  slated to take place in July, before the Covid-19 pandemic forced the university to delay them.

However, an email sent to students by Vice-Chancellor Charlie Jeffrey has revealed that students who would graduate this year will have their ceremonies take place online.

The email  stated:  “When you started your programme of study no one could have imagined the circumstances in which you would finish it. At the start of the 2019/20 academic year you will have looked forward to a normal University experience and to marking its completion by attending a graduation ceremony with family and friends, along with the members of the academic community who have supported you throughout your studies. However, the arrival of Covid-19 has had a huge impact and it is very sad that you have not had your final months on campus and that you have had to deal with many unforeseen challenges in order to complete your studies this year.

“It was a particular sadness when we came to the decision in March, given all the uncertainties caused by Covid-19, to postpone our conventional graduation ceremonies in July 2020. Social distancing requirements and limitations on travel mean that on-campus and in-person graduation events won’t be possible this summer. But we have been exploring what might be possible instead to mark the occasion of your graduation. We do want to make sure that you are conferred with the degrees and awards that you have earned through your hard work and which many of you are relying on for employment and/or further study. We also want you to have a special moment of reflection and celebration of your time and your achievements at the University of York.

It also confirmed that graduation ceremonies will take place online. Students in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities will have their’s on 26th August 2020, those in the Faculty of Social Sciences will have their’s on 27th August whilst those in the Faculty of Sciences will have their graduation take place on 28th August.


The email suggested that ceremonies are likely to take place between 12PMand 2PM British Summer Time and that the university are also looking at how they can create digital spaces that will allow students to meet and interact with teachers and classmates.

Students will also eventually be given opportunities to return physically to campus, to don gowns and mortarboards and gather with family, friends and members of the university community to celebrate their achievements when safe to do so.