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Here are all the best signs from yesterday’s Climate Strike in York

What do we want? Climate Justice.

On Friday 20th September St Helen's square was invaded by thousands of people taking part in the Global Climate Strike. This event was organised by YouthStrike4Climate and included representatives such as Extinction Rebellion.

Thousands of people not only protested but, marched the streets of York in order to make a difference. The York Tab also trawled the crowds to find the best of their signs which ranged from straight facts to highly amusing puns, here are some of the best of them:

This guy was channelling his inner Kesha.

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Clearly these people have never seen inside of a student's fridge.

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I didn't think you could get anything worse than Brussels sprouts.

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She looks way too happy about the fact that we could all be doomed.

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"If we die, we're taking you with us." Could this sign bee any more threatening?

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One can only hope to be this cool when they grow old.

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I thought this one had a better ring to it than most college chants.

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There's no caption needed really. This bad boy covers everything!

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I don't remember seeing his face on my textbooks?

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This guy in particular was werkin' that strike with pride.