Emily Whitehouse

Emily Whitehouse
York University


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Which Hamilton Song is your college at York?

Please, anything but ‘Cabinet Battle’

If Killing Eve characters were at York, which college would they be?

Who doesn’t love Villanelle?

Which The Stranger character is your college?

Hopefully without the blackmailing or murder in halls

York University libraries and YUSU venues close due to Covid-19 concerns

Along with other campus facilities

Why Fleabag is basically the same as going to the University of York

Fleabag would live for courtyard nachos

Student drop out rates for both York Universities have been increasing

Over a five year period

York has launched a new student health app

The app is in partnership with the NHS

York has been named the UK’S most culturally vibrant city

Are we surprised? Fibbers alone is full of energy.

York has been awarded the 2019 title of ‘Best City’ to live in the UK

Are we really surprised?

Here are all the best signs from yesterday’s Climate Strike in York

What do we want? Climate Justice.

Which Love Islander would be in your college?

A definitive list of who would be living it up with you in halls

How to deal with a breakup at uni

It involves a lot of screaming at Netflix

#RentRant: The Social Media Campaign Aiming to Cut York Rent

If you’re not crying over your degree, you’re probably crying over your bank account.

Which 1975 tune is your college at York?

It may not be living if it’s not in York, but does your college fit the correct 1975 tune?

Losing your friend to a one night stand is hands down the worst thing about clubbing

Will your friend ditch you for a man or will they just get too drunk and have to go home early?