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If you think the Hull Road Co-op isn’t the best York supermarket, you’re wrong

I spend more time at the Co-op than I do at uni

We've all been there. It's the start of second year, and you've just moved into your first off-campus uni house. No longer a fresher, it's a time to recreate yourself— new year, new you. This will be a year of discovery, of stress, of dealing with landlords, mould, and housemates you regret choosing. Goodbye to the days of inedible catered accommodation or spending your student loan in Nisa. You're in the Big Leagues now, and when it comes to doing a food shop, there is only one place to go: The Co-Operative Food on Hull Road.

It doesn't matter whether you've actually managed to secure a house on Hull Road —the crème de la crème of student housing— or if you're slumming it in Tang Hall. If you live anywhere remotely in the vicinity, Hull Road Co-op is the place to shop. Perhaps it is even the Co-op itself which draws students to the area; who cares about proximity to campus when you can brag about proximity to Co-op?

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If wanting to live next to the Co-op means being a fat fuck, call me a fat fuck!!

Hull Road Co-op is the pinnacle of the York student's social life. It doesn't matter if it's a 9am trip to buy library snacks or a 9pm trip to buy vodka for pre-drinks, you are guaranteed to see everybody and their nans at the Co-op.

People you vaguely recognise from first year? You'll run into them at the Co-op. Group project members you're trying to avoid? You'll run into them at the Co-op. That guy you regret getting with in Salvos? You'll run into him at the Co-op too. It's possible you'll see more York students at the Hull Road Co-op than you'll see on campus. It is the Mecca of York grocery stores.

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I mean… you know it's true.

Though it may not be the cheapest supermarket in York, they do at least offer student discounts in the form of NUS cards and Co-op cards— the latter of which they guilt-trip you to buy at every available opportunity. And with the death of the YUSU shop on campus (R.I.P), the Co-op is now the only place around uni where a somewhat respectable meal-deal can be purchased (don't get me started on how unappealing the Nisa sandwiches look…).

So let's face it. You could kid yourself into thinking you'll make the trek over to Aldi or Morrison's for a big weekly shop. Maybe you think you'll do an online Tesco order. You might even have a friend with a car, promising to take you to the supermarkets in Monks Cross. But in reality, if you live anywhere near Hull Road, there is a 100 per cent chance you will be spending at least half your university experience wandering the aisles of the Co-op.

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Heaven is a place on earth, and that place is the Co-op on Hull Road