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10 reasons why On & On should be considered the best night in York

You won’t be disappointed

New term means new deadlines and yes, the same old stress. So what can one rely on other than the reliable, guaranteed party that is On & On? Who spends a Friday night in the library anyway??? Back for 2019 with 'Fiesta Loca!' , the 25th January is set to be a very special night. Tickets went live yesterday at 1pm and it's sure to be another sell out.

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Telling the group chat that On&On tickets are liiiiive

And so, here are 10 reasons why On & On should be considered THE best night out in York. So read up and buy a ticket here before they're gone.

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1. More performers than a circus

On & On always brings the party atmosphere and this is ensured with the variety of performers on show at each event.

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2. Sick merch

Because who doesn’t love good merch you could actually acceptably wear in the lib?! Deffo not your classic UoY hoodie vibes.

3. Stage dancers

They may even invite you on to the stage..what a lit post for the gram, keep the pals who get those angles nearby.

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This is not an opportunity to pass up

4. The decorations

Consistently out of this world. The On & On team always ensure Fibbers is looking its finest. Confetti is such a yes.

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5. Fire-breathers

Essential for keeping you warm in the queue as you wait to go inside.

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6. Free glitter and face paint

Available for EVERYONE!! So if your pres were too messy to fully prep the party vibes, you're sorted on arrival.

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Said free face-paint and glitter

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Our reaction to said free face-paint and glitter

7. Banging music

The best house, dance and funk from York’s finest and up and coming DJs. These lot put in the hard work and long hours to ensure the night is a cracker. Hats off to them.

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8. It’s at Fibbers

Arguably the best club in York with its two rooms, good smoking area and enough space to boogy the night away.

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There's even enough space to do this

9. A visual spectacle

Always visually stunning. It's such a rare occurrence to wake up to snap stories of a night out that actually has some aesthetic and not as much Salvos blur. On & On is a must go to if a student at UoY.

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10. The people

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Any night out is made SO much better by the people there. On & On always attracts the most fun loving, party people at York, so grab your mates and make sure you're all going to Fiesta Loca.

You might also make it onto On & On's Insta too! Cheeky feature = extra followers right!?