Which Puffer Jacket is your college?

Stop what you’re doing, this question needs answering urgently.

Due to the recent surge in popularity of the puffer jacket, you cannot walk on to any university campus for a minute without a brightly coloured puffer bobbing into your line of vision.

So, here we answer the most important question facing York students today. Which puffer is your college?


Alcuin College – Unbranded puffers with decorative zips.

You’re smart, quite stylish, and you hang around The Kitchen at Alcuin in a sophisticated and neat manner. What else would you be wearing other than a stylish neat number that will go with everything you own? You can dress your puffer up or down to suite the occasion.

Constantine College – Long over-the-top puffer

Your puffer is like your college. Questionable, far too expensive for what it’s worth and ever so slightly odd.


Derwent College – A gaggle of puffers

Derwenters are known for collectively making the same fashion choices. Campus is often frequented by groups of Derwent sweatshirts that blur into a monotonous sea of burgundy and blue. In virtue of this fact, the only thing that can represent Derwent is not one, but a group of people all wearing puffers. If you go to D bar and do not see a group of people making the exact same style decisions, did you really go to D bar?

Goodricke College – Canada Goose puffer.

You are wealthy, and we know it. You’re also the type of person to wear this inhumane jacket around the various gaggles of Canada geese on campus. I think the majority of the university prefer the geese. However, I understand your need to purchase such a robust puffer to shelter from the icy wind farm that is Hes East.


Halifax College – The unbranded puffer with an element of colour/texture.

You are a little bit different in your attempt to stay relevant , but underneath the same old story. You like your puffer, are a failed and monotonous attempt to play a big part on Hes West, but in reality you will always be a little bit displaced.


James College – Sporty puffer.

What can I say. Your college is close to the gym, Therefore, you will probably be seen on a brisk January morning cycling to the gym in your lightweight Rab or Patagonia puffer.

Langwith College – The North Face

You are undoubtedly the best and most historical college on Hes East, and although there’s nothing particularly unique about you, you still remain very expensive. The North Face alike is a very well established, yet ordinary brand. Like Goodricke, you need a quality and expensive jacket to shelter yourself from the Hes East wind.

Vanbrugh College – Vintage and scruffy.

Vanbrugh is as old and as ugly as Derwent in its pebble dashed and asbestos riddled glory. However unlike Derwent, you don’t have Heslington Hall, the Quiet place, or the proximity of Heslington village. It is essentially the same as Derwent but lacking in any added beauty since Greg’s place is no match for Hes hall. Vanbrugh is therefore reminiscent of a puffer jacket that is just a bit old and a bit tatty.


Wentworth College -Walking gear

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