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York has launched a new student health app

The app is in partnership with the NHS

University of York’s English Department send public apology after lecturer repeatedly uses racial slur

The slur was used in a second year lecture this week

The Glasshouse is now serving Sunday Roasts

Who doesn’t love a ‘reet good’ roast?

Big D presents: The Apocalypse

It’s set to be a huge one

What moving to university feels like after the loss of a family member

Being a fresher and coping with grief during your first year at university

University of York named the third healthiest uni in the UK

Falling just behind Nottingham and Edinburgh, York has been voted as the third healthiest university in the UK

The undeniable differences between the Uni of York and YSJ

It’s like West Side Story…two gangs sharing one territory

The seven stages of being home from York for Christmas

Bye bye independence, hello family drama!

A Danny DeVito society has been set up at York

DeVitonians can finally watch his films and play with eggs

Number of students seeking mental health help has risen in York

Yet waiting times are still high

Eight things you can do while Hes West is flooded

Take advantage of this chaos!

York voted as one of the friendliest cities in the UK

But we aren’t as friendly as we used to be

What I wish I knew before starting University of York

No one can prepare you for the amount of geese shit you’ll step in

10 ways that York students can tackle climate change

It’s easier than you think

All lectures at York will now be on lecture capture

This is HUGE

Derwent has been listed as a Grade II building

This is big news

Everyone you’re going to meet as a Fresher at York

Your comprehensive guide

It’s official, York is the second best university in the north

We beat York St John, shock

The University of York has been shortlisted for the University of the Year award

Go us!

If your college was a Nando’s order, this is what it’d be

We’re back answering the important questions in life