There is a goose raising a family in Courtyard

Bar staff have named her Lucy

Everyone’s favourite YUSU bar just increased its superiority 

If going to the Courtyard for a pint and a plate of nachos isn’t a good enough reason to escape the bores of revision, then I’d invite you to enjoy a drink alongside Lucy, Courtyard’s very own goose.

Lucy just hanging out

Lucy settled in over the Easter holidays, and now lives in a plant bed on the deck outside Courtyard. She took over the nest of a slightly more careless mother, who set up a home there, but abandoned the eggs shortly after. As a single mother, Lucy sits on a total of 7 eggs that are set to hatch over the next few weeks.

Whereas one frequent customer described her as “unwelcome”, and another referred to her presence as “an outrage”, most students enjoy Lucy’s company. One second year exclaimed, “the goose is wild and should be free to live it’s life the way it wants. Who are we to impose our views on it?”

Lucy finishing off her chicken burger

Although other geese may judge the dangers involved with Lucy’s choice of nesting location, Courtyard staff and students appear to be treating her very well on the whole. She is being fed by some of the staff, and there is a thoughtful sign up informing people not to disturb her due to the aggressive nature of geese over the period of incubation.

No attacks between Lucy and drinking students have been recorded as of yet.