Extras needed for David Tennant film shooting on campus next week

Prizes will be given for the most authentically dressed

Everyone’s favourite Time Lord will be filming at university on Wednesday and Thursday next week.

David Tennant is starring in biopic Mad To Be Normal as R.D. Liang, a controversial figure heavily involved with the anti-psychiatry movement during the 1960s.

He will be gracing the concrete jungle of York’s campus alongside Dumbledore (Michael Gambon), Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men and Gabriel Byrne from The Usual Suspects.

Two hundred extras are needed for a lecture scene in TFTV’s Scenic Stage Theatre, and prizes will be given for the most authentically dressed. Extras are also needed for a variety of other scenes on February 3 and 4 and availability must be provided on the application form.

MTBN Casting require people who are dressed in “late 1960s/early 1970s costumes” and ask for a full length photo of the intended costume and headshot on your application. If you don’t have any appropriate clothing, never fear, successful applicants will be given outfits to wear on the day.

Photos and application forms should be sent to [email protected] and applications close at 4pm Friday.

For more information click here, and click here for the application form.

The kind of costumes needed