Don’t pity me because I’m from Goodricke

It’s not even that far away

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If you don’t have the pleasure of lectures there or the even greater pleasure of being a native, Heslington East is probably something of an enigma to you.

However not only has Hes East been scientifically proven to exist, York’s second campus is home to a holy trinity of colleges – one of which is Goodricke.

Despite feeling hard done by the day the accommodation emails were delivered, by the end of first year residents of Goodricke are more likely to feel that they weren’t a victim of York’s housing system, but a victor.

There are many causes of such happiness: the rooms’ sexy mustard curtains and the table tennis table in the Nucleus aren’t even half of it.

Even with the rumours flying around main campus that Hes East is two plane rides, a train journey and a forty-minute Streamline away, distance being the cause of the Hes East hatred is undue.

Ok, when you’re heading to a 9am it seems really fucking far, but that’s not the point. The point is that the burden of travel is removed when you can hop on a free bus every 8-10 minutes (give or take a good 30) and get to your lectures before the Hes West dwellers who thought they could crawl out of bed at 8:59 and make it because they live sooo close.

Once returning after your lecture, the first thing you notice is the new lease of vision you have been given. Away with the grey undertones of main campus, Goodricke college has a superior colour scheme.

Beyond the architecture is the nature. York may pride itself in having lots and lots of water, but Goodricke do one better: we have water and landscape, so no matter which block you end up in, looking out of your window will result in quite a view.

Nature on par with some of the sights seen on National Geographic does not come without wildlife. Especially ducks. Ducks. Everywhere. This may leave the other colleges feeling smug – they’re feisty little shits.

Admittedly it isn’t pleasant, but in Goodricke we take the approach of every cloud has a silver lining, and what better way to tone those muscles and practise those moves for Kuda Tuesdays than to practically do a poultry obstacle course on your way to the aforementioned free bus?

We in Goodricke do still enjoy a Kuda Tuesday and a Salvo Wednesday. Hell, we’ve even been known to venture out on local nights. We’re keen.

We’re so dedicated to the cause we have a standard procedure for the bus ride into town. Firstly, chants: a majestic combination of “Goodricke til I die” and “*insert the name of another college* has asbestos” is a must.

Then there’s “backseat of the bus”. Once known to hold 29 Freshers, the back of the bus pile-on game is a tradition and starting a night out in any other way just wouldn’t be right.

Sometimes we don’t even need to go beyond our campus for a good night. Sometimes we head to The Glasshouse instead, which technically isn’t Goodricke’s – but our cocktail consumption alone probably keeps them in business so we’re met with open arms.

Next time you hear about a course mate living in Goodricke, remove that pity from your eyes – we’re doing a lot better than you think.