UYSWC Charity Swim for Target Ovarian Cancer

It’s the fifth annual one swim for charity

Why you should write for The Tab York next term

Be a part of the student media revolution

Tom AC, Agony Uncle: Food thieves, loud sex and filthy housemates

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Clubbers of the week: End of term special

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There will be VKs

Don’t pity me because I’m from Goodricke

It’s not even that far away

How to dress like you do History of Art

Look like you know the difference between van Gogh and van Dyck

Milo Yiannopoulos has been stopped from speaking at York

The controversial talk was supposed to be about militant feminism

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If YUSU club nights were people

Revs is obviously a basic bitch

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Yes, all in one night

Does anyone actually care about college elections?

‘They need to stop leaving cardboard in the lake’

Langwith election candidates slammed by LGBTQ committee member

A YUSU Trans* Convenor has spoken out against two of Langwith’s LGBTQ candidates

Why I support International Men’s Day

Disagree all you want, but it’s a good idea

Uni will NOT be celebrating International Men’s Day

Is anyone surprised?

Can you guess these people’s courses by their clothes?

If they’re in cargo shorts, it’s probably a science

Sexual assaults in York have halved this year

There have still been six attacks in the city centre

Fibbers is the most crime-ridden club in York

Revs came a very close second

What do you miss most about first year?

Aside from your pre-freshers beach bod

Clubbers of the week

It’s been a bit of a mad one