You voted for the ugliest buildings on campus – here are the results

Yes, the results are exactly what you’d expect


It doesn’t take a genius to notice that the University of Warwick campus is home to many extremely ugly buildings. Many other unis in the UK were built centuries ago and have beautiful old buildings as a result. Warwick doesn’t have this advantage. It was founded in the sixties, which is pretty much the worst period of architecture since the beginning of time.

We did the hard part and picked the 12 ugliest buildings on campus- trust us, it was hard narrowing it down to 12! We polled them on our Instagram story (if you’re not already following us, firstly, shame on you, and secondly, follow us NOW) until we got down to three. We then held a vote and from those, our followers selected the ugliest building on campus.

So, in order from the least ugly to should be destroyed in the near future, here are the ugliest buildings on campus!

In last place

Home sweet home.

I’m biased towards Milburn House because it’s where I have most of my seminars. However, it is pretty ugly. If more people knew it existed, it would definitely be higher on the list.

In eleventh place is the Warwick Students’ Union building

It should feel lucky that I didn’t use a photo of the other side.

Ah, the SU. Home of POP, many of my most drunken memories, and some god-awful architecture. At least The Terrace Bar makes it look a lot nicer, it is a wonder what a balcony can do for a building. The other side of the building, however, is a nightmare. Not even a balcony could fix that.

In tenth place is Tocil

Props to the weather in this photo.

I honestly don’t think Tocil is that ugly. It is, however, badly in need of a revamp. It looks like it’s about to fall down.

Ninth place is the Rootes Building

Not even the Pret can make the Rootes building look less hideous.

Definitely not the ugliest building on campus, but it is honestly so unremarkable I often forget it’s even there. It kind of blends into the landscape.

Eighth place goes to Westwood

Do I need my passport to get here?

I’m not entirely sure if Tab voters actually think Westwood is that ugly or if they just have a vendetta against it because a boat, plane and taxi are all required to visit it.

In seventh place is shite- sorry, Whitefields

Not sure which one made the picture. They’re all identical.

Now, no hate towards the residents of Whitefields. I’ve been informed living here is great and the small buildings create really close groups of friends. But none of this makes up for how odd these little houses are. Why are they slanted? Where’s the roof? Why can’t they just be connected like normal accommodation blocks? The thought of wanting to go into another one in the winter and having to actually go OUTSIDE is terrible.

In sixth place is Senate House

Got its best angles

This building is pretty awful, and it’s made worse by the fact that I’ve only ever visited it in a very bad mood, a.k.a. when I was locked out of my room in first year or when they accidentally took one of my packages and I had to go on a wild-goose chase for it. Screw Senate House.

Fifth is the Modern Records Centre

Kind of futuristic, right?

I honestly don’t think this building is that bad, but I literally had no idea what it was. I’m still not entirely sure. Regardless, it looks like a fairly nice building that the scaffolding was accidentally left on after the building work was finished. An odd architectural choice.

In fourth place is Old Rootes

Best photo I could find.

I’m not sure what it is about Old Rootes. Maybe it’s the awful sixties architecture, maybe it’s the teeny tiny corridors or maybe it’s the fact that if you jumped too hard inside, the entire building would probably crumble. Either way, it’s ugly.

In third place we have (drum roll please) the Science Building

Gorgeous, right?

This building is literally a wall. I am laughing out loud just writing this article because this is the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen. I have so many questions – why doesn’t it have any windows? Why does it look like a shoebox? What’s the inside like? Am I, a BA student, simply too stupid to understand it?

Upon trying to do some research into the building to see exactly *why* it looks like that, I couldn’t find anything. The university has hidden this building’s existence from all of its web pages. You wouldn’t even know it exists, which is definitely a good thing.

In second place is the library

Tell me why this looks like a prison please

Not only is the library genuinely awful, but it’s made worse by how beautiful university libraries usually are. If you want to feel worse about ours, take a look at the library at All Souls College, Oxford, the George Peabody Library at John Hopkins University in Baltimore (which is so beautiful that people get married there) or Biblioteca Joanina at Coimbra University in Portugal. Pretty sure essays would feel a lot more manageable if they were written in one of those.

And in first place is… the Humanities Building!

Genuinely an eyesore.

Are you surprised at our first place winner? Nope? I didn’t think so.

I really can’t decide whether the interior or exterior of this building is worse. For those of you who are lucky enough to have never entered this monstrosity, the inside is essentially a giant square with a weird little garden in the middle, that I’m not even sure students can access. Very odd decision-making on behalf of whoever designed it.

Yet again, there is hardly any evidence of this building’s existence on the internet, and I really can’t blame Warwick for making that decision. All I found was an article in which someone described it as dreary. They are correct. Thank god a new Humanities building has just been built to replace it.

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