Kenilworth is the superior place to live off-campus, and here’s why

Promise you I’m not sponsored by Kenilworth Town Council


Kenilworth- land of the elderly, the country bumpkins, and me (and the other rogue students who live here too). It’s often unfairly dismissed as a place where students wouldn’t want to live. However, I firmly believe Kenilworth is superior to Leamington for living in during second or final year.

Now, I know that’s a pretty big claim to make but let me prove it to you. And who knows, you might end up liking Kenilworth so much, you end up staying here forever.

So firstly, Leamington undeniably has good nightlife, Canley is walking distance from campus, but what about Kenilworth? Well, it has neither. It is however only 15 minutes by bus from both Leamington and campus, making it the perfect compromise.

This means no more long commutes and wondering whether it’s worth going back home in-between seminars. And if you decide to go to Smack or Neon, it’s only a 15-minute bus ride away. Granted, the 11 bus, which takes you from Kenilworth to pretty much anywhere, only runs until 1am, but with the money you are saving on rent by living in Kenilworth, it is a pretty good compromise.

Look! This is me waiting for one of the multiple buses that take you to campus. And have I mentioned campus is only 15 minutes by bus?

This leads me to the best thing about Kenilworth- the cheap rent. My weekly rent is the same as what people pay to live in Rootes in first year, and it is significantly cheaper than what people in North or Central Leam pay. What’s more, I live in a beautifully furnished flat in the centre of town.

Look at how happy I look! But more importantly, look at how nice my kitchen is.

I’ve also heard people complaining Kenilworth is too small. But because it’s so small, no matter where you live, you’ll be close to the town centre. I’ve heard countless nightmares from people in Leam having to take a bus to go food shopping or walk 15-20 mins home from a bus stop. I can’t relate- I live three minutes away from big Sainsbury’s and four minutes from a bus stop. Even if you live in the “outskirts” of Kenilworth, the walk still isn’t long.

This is my favourite place in Kenilworth – Coffee on The Corner. It is a lovely independently owned cafe right in the centre of town.

Truth be told, Kenilworth is not the most student-y place to live, but this is actually an advantage. The average age is about 60, so gone are the drunken wails from the street, and thumping music from the flat next door. Other than cars, there is never any noise, making it ideal for studying. And remember, Leam and campus are only 15 minutes away if you’re craving drunken wailing.

Kenilworth has so many things to offer I almost forgot it has a castle! You know where doesn’t have a castle? Leamington.

Think you’ll be missing out if you live in Kenilworth? Well, think again. Missing the cozy ambience at Temperance? Look no further than Coffee on the Corner. Worried about not having a large park like Jephson Gardens? Kenilworth has Abbey Fields. Concerned you won’t have access to high street shops like Boots, WHSmith, and (most importantly) Greggs? Kenilworth has you covered.

I love Kenilworth. And if you’ve spent any time with me in the past few months, you’ll know I never shut up about it. So now housing listings are opening up and people are starting to think about next year’s living arrangements, why not choose Kenilworth?

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