Update: University supply of face coverings and thermometers will continue today

Warwick confirms they have enough supply for all students

The University of Warwick has confirmed to The Warwick Tab that they have enough supplies of face coverings and thermometers to provide to every student.

Yesterday (1st October) supplies of face coverings and thermometers at the on-campus collection point ran out, with student helpers advising people to visit Senate House the following week.

Today, the University confirms that they do have the supplies and that the collection service for students living in off-campus accommodation will resume today.

The full statement from the University is as follows:

“The University has the supplies necessary to ensure that every student can be provided with a free thermometer and face covering.

“They have been supplied directly to those living in campus accommodation and the on-site collection service for those living in off-campus accommodation will continue today.”

Face masks are mandatory in a number of areas on campus. The University’s rules on face coverings go beyond the UK Government’s requirements, and students must be wearing a face covering during seminars, in crowded outdoor spaces, when moving around halls and when working indoors.

Visit the student information point on the Piazza today to collect your free face covering and thermometer, or visit Senate House next week.

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