Freshers, this is what Term One at Warwick is going to look like

How will Covid-19 affect freshers joining Warwick from September?

In 4 weeks the University of Warwick will be reopening its campus to tens of thousands of students. But for Freshers, in particular, things are set to change. Second and third years may have to live a little differently, but life on campus will be most unusual.

Welcome Week

One of the big aspects of going to university is, of course, the social aspect. But following in line with the Government’s social distancing rules, Warwick has announced that the Welcome Week for 2020 will be a blend of in-person and digital events. Digital events will be hosted on Moodle and Microsoft Teams.

The timetable of digital events will be released on Monday 7 September, however, freshers can expect:

  1. An online academic induction
  2. An introduction to societies
  3. Virtual campus tours
  4. Help, advice and study support
  5. An introduction to the students union
  6. Sports taster sessions

Updates will be released nearer the time to allow students to keep up to date with the events. Warwick has announced that:

“For some new Postgraduate students, there will be compulsory events organised by your academic department. You will find these pre-populated in your Welcome Week timetable if this applies to you.

“All other events are optional although we very much encourage you to come along and enjoy a great start to life at Warwick. Please note that formal teaching for Undergraduate students does not start until 5 October.”


Another change for new students joining Warwick in September is how they will be moving in and what accommodation will be like. Guidelines for visiting buildings on campus reiterate maintaining 2m social distance wherever possible.

When moving in, visitors will not be able to stay and is also suggested that international students should avoid travelling with family due to Covid-19.

The main points are:

  1. The frequency of cleaning in accommodation will also be increased; particularly in public touchpoints.
  2. A 24-hour helpline will be available to students who have concerns.
  3. Students will only be allocated single rooms.
  4. Within a ‘kitchen group’, students are considered a single household, and will not need to social distance.
  5. Regular cleaning of all shared spaces.
  6. If you fall ill, the Residential Life teams will support you and provide guidance whilst you self-isolate.
  7. A test and trace system will be in place which will also work alongside the National Health Service (NHS) Track and Trace service.


A significant change this year is the ban on visiting other residences. Gone are the days of “kitchen parties” and “flat socials”. Each flat will form its own bubble meaning social events can be hosted within the bubble but not outside of the bubble. Further, Warwick has ruled that there are to be no hosting guests in residences, including people from other kitchens in the same building.

There will also be extended terms for students to cancel campus accommodation contracts in instances where students cannot arrive on campus at the start of term 1 due to Government imposed travel restrictions.


Warwick has announced that the Student Union will be offering virtual events such as Virtual Club and Quiz Nights, Virtual Escape Rooms and a Virtual Beer Festival. For more information on the events, the Student Union will be offering click here.

Additionally, though the government have not given the go-ahead to clubs re-opening, Kasbah has announced that it will be opening its doors (though not as a club). Kasbah will become “Kasbar” making it social distancing friendly. The nightclub promises to offer hand sanitising stations around the venue, one way systems, a limited capacity, temperature checks on entry and track and trace filled out on arrival. All payments will be taken online in advance and face masks will be mandatory inside the bar. The former-club is located in Coventry meaning students will have to take public transport to get there.

Face Coverings

On-campus, all students, staff and visitors are required to wear a face covering. Face coverings will be mandatory when studying and moving around on campus.

On the Stay Safe section on Warwick, it is stated that:

“This will help to keep everyone in our community safe alongside the other protection measures we have in place like social distancing, enhanced cleaning, and increased hand sanitisation points. A free, reusable face covering will be made available to each member of staff and students attending campuses by the start of the new academic year.”

For more information on Warwick’s policy on face coverings click here.


Timetabling has been introduced for the use of public spaces such as one way systems and floor markers.

Parking on campus is currently free. Warwick states “[they] are considering when to reintroduce parking charges and will update you when we know more.”

“If you have to use public transport, please think carefully about times and routes of travel to avoid busiest times, and to allow yourself as much space as possible to keep safe” is the advice on using buses and public transport, alongside links to coronavirus advice from the bus services that visit campus.


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