Everything you need to know about surviving POP!

Cheesy anthems, last-minute costumes and copious amounts of purple. It must be POP!

Calling all Warwick students! Forget your work and ignore your deadlines, because we have the only thing you'll ever need to read: A survival guide for POP!

If you're a fresher, this will be handy in preparing for the many chaotic nights you have ahead of you. If you're a seasoned pro, here's a sobering reminder of how you spent every Wednesday of your first year. So strap in, grab a pint of purple, and take a look!

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6:45PM – The calm before the storm:

After a long day of lectures, seminars, and lunch breaks at the Dirty Duck, you return to your accommodation. You'll be totally relaxed, pot noodle in hand, when it hits you: Today is Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing… Circling.

You look down at your dressing gown. Time to get a move on.

7:00PM – Getting glam:

After fighting your way to the front of the shower queue, you get ready. What to wear? Your circling theme looks difficult. You pause, thinking. Ah, yes! A bin bag styled into a make-shift dress? Original and genius. Ugh, the way your mind works. You grab your phone, student ID, and slap on some glitter for good measure.

And, against all odds, you've done it. You look the part, 100 per cent ready for circling (or a second-rate stag do).

7:30PM – Purple, purple, we're at circle:

With great effort, you manage to hustle yourself and your mates out of the flat and into circling. You glance around, noticing how everyone looks equally as hyped. Then the games begin. Cue a sea of purples being downed, costumes falling apart, and "you're shit and you know you are" playing on an endless, haunting loop.

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9:30PM – The queue:

It's time for the main event. You make your way to the SU, ready to start twerking to Backstreet Boys and Katy Perry, only to find yourself stuck in a queue. It's a sobering moment. And as you slog forward, waiting for IDs to be checked, everything begins to swim into focus. You regret passing up that extra drink before leaving circling – has everyone looked this ridiculous all night?

10:00PM – Party time:

Who cares! You're in! You make a beeline for the bar, passing swarms of hyped up students on your way. You order a VK (duh) and prepare yourself for the Best. Night. Ever. Or something like that…

12:00AM – The eye of the storm:

You've only been in the Copper Rooms for a couple of hours, but it feels like a century. The Baywatch theme tune comes on and you duck instinctively, narrowly missing a t-shirt to the face. You head for the toilets sharing a drunken "hiiiiiiiii" with someone that you barely know from your Thursday seminar (you will never speak to them again). You have no idea where your student ID is but, hey, at least some Beyoncé just came on.

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You've never seen this girl in your life… Now she's your bridesmaid

2:00AM – It's all over:

You'll just be grooving along merrily to High School Musical, when the lights come up. You check your phone. It's 2AM already? You've lost all your friends and got off with a complete randomer that wont stop texting you, but it's alright. So what if you miss your 9AM? That's what lecture capture is for.

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You make your way home, reviewing the night. You can feel the hangover settling into your stomach, but that's a problem for tomorrow morning. As you crawl into bed, you know for a fact that you'll be back next week. And when you sleep, you dream only of Disco Dave.