Warwick University issues the most ‘gagging orders’ of all Russell group unis

They issued 339 in 2017-18

Warwick University have issued the most "gagging orders" of any Russell group University in the year 2017-18, as reported by The Times.

According to Freedom of Information requests, Warwick University issued 339 non-disclosure agreements (NDA's), with Exeter University following behind with 159.

Warwick university claimed that these NDA's "referred to confidentiality in research-related commercial agreements with companies."

Non-disclosure agreements and "gagging clauses" have received negative press for their use in hiding details of sexual harassment or bullying.

The Times reported that Emma Chapman, an astrophysicist at the University College London received a £70,000 payout after revealing she had been sexually harassed at UCL. She refused to sign an NDA.

However, Universities UK a body representing 136 institutions stated that signing an NDA "does not prevent staff or students from reporting criminal acts to the police of regulatory bodies, or from making a disclosure under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998."