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The press officer in charge of Warwick’s reputation was also in charge of the group chat investigation

Today a victim of the group chat has spoken out about a conflict of interest

The Director of Press and Media Relations at Warwick University was the Investigating Officer of the Warwick group chat investigation.

Peter Dunn – the person whose job it is to literally make sure the university's reputation is intact – was involved in compiling evidence for the internal investigation.

The claims came from a female group chat victim, who spoke to the BBC on the Victoria Derbyshire programme this morning.

She said Peter Dunn was the investigating officer and suggested he had a direct conflict of interest. She also added the girls were questioned on their sexual history with the members of the group chat.

The victim told the BBC: “The group chat was shown to me by one of the males that was involved.

"He showed it to me and made it an active threat. He seemed very pleased about what was happening. He was showing me in an intimidating way. We were told later on that we should have been flattered by the contents of the messages. There were a lot of threats of gang rape. One of them, they spoke about wanting to gang rape me and then after they’ve discarded my body, they wanted to ejaculate all over it. They talked about my friend, they wanted to genitally mutilate her."

She added: “We were called to an interview. We were told that we would have an interview with the Investigating Officer that was appointed.

"We were just told that it would be an interview about the chat that we found. But when we got there, it was very aggressive questioning. It was as if we were on trial. We were made to feel the entire time that we had to justify why we were upset by this. We were made the whole time to feel like, we had to clarify our stories."

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In a statement given to The Tab, Warwick University confirmed Peter Dunn was the Investigating Officer.

The university states: "Peter Dunn was the Investigating Officer. The Investigating Officer is entirely separate to and independent from both the Disciplinary Committee and Appeals Committee and the decisions they make.

"All those who were interviewed as part of the investigation were asked about whether there were prior or existing relationships with those also involved. The detail of any relationship was neither questioned or explored."

Since the 9th of May, Peter Dunn has repeatedly refused to talk to The Tab about the Warwick group chat.

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