All the questionable fashion trends you’re bound to see during your first week at Warwick

You know, like wearing your school leavers hoodie

Freshers' Week is literally just round the corner now and The Warwick Tab are here to show you exactly what to expect. And we don't want you to be thrown by the questionable myriad of fashion trends that will be dominating campus next week.

So we've compiled a helpful list of all the bizarre looks you might see fellow freshers wearing. We also recommend you use it as a guide on how not to dress during your first week at uni.

The 'just got back from my gap yah'

These ones are easy to spot. Just look for someone with a manky hair braid that really should have been taken out back in May when they actually returned home from their gap year. Commonly paired with shell necklaces and festival wristbands.

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The 'I went to private school and can't quite let go'

For this lot, the casual attire that is adopted by the entire campus just doesn't vibe for them. They opt for chinos, trench coats, brogues and suede boots. Easily spotted in brands such as Ralph Lauren and The North Face; two brands which really don't go well together, but that doesn't stop them from trying to make it happen.

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The 'my sixth form leavers hoodie is all I own'

Generally sported by someone who just wasn't ready for the independence of having to dress themselves in the morning. To avoid wearing anything too painfully embarrassing, they opt for the school leavers hoodie, as it's possibly the most inoffensive thing on the planet.

The 'I spent all my money in the SU vintage sale'

Channeling all sorts of scummy vibes, these students can be seen in uncomfortably old and ragged garms, all of which really have seen better days. Brace yourselves for chunky brown cardigans and weirdly patterned shirts that are only really appropriate for full moon parties.

The 'I wanted to go to Bristol but I didn't get in'

Catch them in a pair of skinny sunglasses, a boob tube and Fila disruptors. Half of their belongings were definitely purchased on Depop, and their hair never stays the same colour for more than a month.

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The 'my mum still buys all of my clothes'

They own the occasional nice thing which their Mum managed to snag from TK Maxx, but other than that they'll be in jeans that don't quite fit, because they never tried them on, a GAP t-shirt and a Jack Wills hoodie that they got for Christmas in 2014.

The 'I grew up in London so my dress sense is superior to all of yours'

Never to be seen in anything that doesn't perfectly match. Rich parents being friends with other rich parents always produces students that know how to impress – even their socks are nicer than yours.

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The 'I spent my entire student loan on Warwick uni merch'

Typically arrived at uni for the first time and immediately headed to the gift shop with their parents so that they could truly embrace their new way of life. Probably bought a grey sweatshirt and a navy blue hoodie, and haven't been seen wearing anything else since. For their sake, we at least hope that they're washing them.

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