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Dear Warwick freshers, love from a second year

Use this as your ultimate guide to Warwick

Summer is drawing to a close, A Levels are officially over, and now the time has come for you to begin Warwick as a fresher.

Starting uni is undoubtedly one of the best times of your life, but there are some things that we all wished we knew before starting Warwick. So take it from me, a wise old second year, and let me tell you all the hints and tricks about how to make the most of your first year at Warwick.

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Get involved on Facebook

Yeah, it sounds basic, but being active on Facebook before you start uni can help so much before you actually arrive on campus for welcome week. Add yourself onto all the Warwick Freshers 2018/19 pages, start liking the sports teams and societies you want to join, follow your department pages on social media, or join a halls group chat to get talking to people you'll eventually meet in your first year. It'll get you even more excited to start, and it'll mean you won't miss out on any events happening in freshers week.

Join a sports team

Sport is massive at Warwick, and you'd be a fool not to go to a taster session and see what it's all about. Not only will it keep you fit while you're inevitably eating pizza for dinner every night, but you'll meet so many new friends on your team. Sports teams also have so many socials together, from circle before POP! on Wednesdays to bar crawls and tours, so if you want to live that real fresher life and have a packed social calendar, make sure you join a sports team at Warwick.

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Societies fair? Sports fair? Department introduction? Freshers events in the SU? Sport taster sessions? Club nights in Leamington? Try and put yourself out there and do as much as you can in your first few weeks at Warwick, because it's the perfect time to try something new. The more you get involved in, the more you'll enjoy your uni experience.

As a fresher, it's your right to go to POP! every Wednesday

POP! is the weekly club night in the SU, and as a fresher you are obligated to go every single week.

Try to get on with your flatmates

Who you're put in a flat with in first year is completely random, so the likelihood of you making absolute best friends with the person living next door to you is small. But, your flatmates will be your first friends at uni. You'll share so many experiences together (both drunk and sober), and when you inevitably lose your key and get locked out, they'll be the people you have to rely on.

But avoid sleeping with one of your flatmates

Unless you're sure that they're "the one", all it does is cause awkward kitchen encounters, underlying jealously and a divided flat. There are thousands of other students at Warwick, try to not pick one of the six you live with.

Befriend someone doing the same course as you, quickly

As well as all the pres and nights out you'll be attending during freshers, you will have academic things to go to during the day. Whether this is a lecture by your department, or a social run by your society, you'll soon realise that making friends on your course is kind of essential. Everything's easier if you have someone else to go to events with, and throughout the year you'll then have friends who you can cry to about your reading/essays/exams.

Never waste your time in upstairs Smack, ALWAYS go downstairs

This is a golden rule for anyone who has good taste in music.

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DON'T sign up for 9am seminars, especially on a Thursday

Listen, you might start uni with the optimism that you'll have your shit together, but you'll get to a point in first year where you will hate yourself for signing up for a 9am. Save yourself the long-term misery and choose an afternoon slot, especially on Thursdays after POP! on a Wednesday night.

Hold pres in your kitchen at least once

Everyone knows that pres are the best part of a night out, especially during freshers when everyone is making friends. Invest in a speaker, plastic cups and a strobe light, and invite everyone you've met so far at Warwick. Your flat will get trashed, but you have to experience it at least once as a fresh.

Venture out of the bubble during freshers week

When you're living on campus, you might get content with staying there forever. But you should try to go into Leamington, where second and thirds years live, at least once in your first few weeks at Warwick. You've got all the clubs there, like Smack and Neon, and the town is actually really nice to visit during the day. Just hop on the U1, get off at the church, and see what Leam has to offer.

Try circling

Circling is Warwick's unique way to pre drink with your society or sports team, and it's only right that every fresher should try it in first term. Prepare to dress up like an idiot while getting absolutely binned on pints of Purple.

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Don't waste your money doing your shopping in Rootes Grocery Store

It's overpriced, never has everything you need, and Tesco is only a 10 minute walk away from campus.

Make friends with someone living in Westwood

When you have three ASOS orders to pick up from the Postroom and you just can't be bothered to trek there, you'll thank me.

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Hide your cutlery and kitchen utensils in your room

You might go into uni with the blind optimism that everyone is a good person and that no one would dare use someone else's fork. But let me tell you, that shit is a myth. If you still want to have your cooking equipment by the end of first term, I recommend keeping it in your room, far, far away from your flatmates.

Enjoy every single moment of first year

As cliché as it sounds, uni will be some of the best years of your life, so use first year to have the most fun while the workload is still minimal. Try new things, meet new people, and take every opportunity as it comes. Because although we might not admit it, everyone secretly wishes they were a fresher again.