Campaign: Help us get the new Love Island series opener broadcast on the Piazza screen

Now that’s my type on paper

You might assume term three is a time for focusing on your studies and reflecting on the academic year.

But no, don't be ridiculous, because it's actually time to drop everything and get yourself ready for the fourth season of Love Island.

In even more exciting news, we may be able to get the first episode screened live on the Piazza.

Kicking off on Monday 4th June, the nation's most treasured TV show will bless our screens once more.

But, just when you thought life couldn't get any better, Warwick student Sophie Thomas tweeted this:

Oh my God. Yes, Love Island SHOULD be screened on the Piazza.

Here's our theory: Eurovision was showed on the Piazza screen a few weeks ago and it was a thriving success. The Piazza was transformed into a festival-like atmosphere filled with hundreds of students who were just loving life.

Any student knows the Love Island opening show is basically a national holiday and so if anything it is actually more important than Eurovision. Therefore, it should absolutely be screened.

Just imagine – everyone gathered together at the Piazza on this magnificent summer evening. You've got a few bottles of rosé, Kettle Chips, and an amazing view of all of the new fit Islanders.

Caroline Flack, larger than life, utters the words, "it's going to be a long, hot summer", and you just know you're in for one of the best nights of your life.

Warwick SU responded to Sophie's tweet saying they don't actually run the big screen. They did however provide a link where any student can request something to be shown on the screen.

The link takes you to a form, and all you have to do is pop in your name and email, and say you want the Love Island opening show to be screened. It literally couldn't be easier, and the more people who do it the more likely we are to get this to happen.

And so, students of Warwick, we urge you with the utmost compassion to fill in the form, and make something great happen.