Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette 2018 nominee: Sofia Ramadoro

A fit, volleyball girl looking for love

Today, meet second-year language, culture and communication student, Sofia Ramadoro.

The volleyball player originally hails from Venice in Italy and is "smart, humble" and most importantly, "fit" according to friends.

Friends think "it's a mystery that she's still single", because they're certain that "she's the prettiest ginger alive." In fact, they're hoping "Warwick's most eligible Bachelorette will give her the spotlight she deserves and maybe she'll find love."

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She's the fitty on the right

Sofia's not one to miss a circle, one of her mates told The Tab,"if you get the chance to meet her at Pop after circling you are gonna have the best night of your life."

When we told Sofia that she'd been nominated for Warwick's Most Eligible Bachelorette she was shocked but grateful, as she noted "it's a great honour."

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Sofia then went on to leave a message for her friends: "Thank you to those who nominated me and a special thank you to Ambra Zhang for always supporting me."

The vote for Warwick's Most Eligible Bachelorette 2018 will open soon.