Protests against the Israeli Ambassador occurred outside the Oculus yesterday

They were chanting ‘say it loud, say it clear, Regev is not welcome here’

Mark Regev, an Israeli Ambassador to the UK, was invited to the University of Warwick on behalf of the Jewish Israeli Society and Warwick International Relations Society. Regev has risen to prominence in light of his commentary and defence of Israeli military action, particularly in the Gaza Strip.

The protestors ranged from students to locals, as well as the presence of members of the local branch of Trade Union, Unison.

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Protestors argued that Mark Regev's academic platform was "divisive and alienating for Palestinian and other Arab students, as well as being antithetical to…academic principles and ideals."

Protestors outside of the Oculus were sporting banners that said 'Free Palestine,' and called for the boycott of Israeli goods, with one protestor leading a chant of "say it loud, say it clear, Regev is not welcome here."

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A local who was present at the protests referred to Regev's address at the University as "insulting".

Yesterday's protests are highly topical, following a national conversation surrounding freedom of speech and no-platforming at universities. Protestors addressed this concern by arguing that Regev's address at Warwick would "not be an exercise of freedom of speech, but an exercise in the extension of state power into an institution of learning."