What Coventry University students really think of Warwick students

They’re undeniably “sexy”

So you think you know your Warwick stereotypes. You may be able to set apart your chic French Business Students from your bootcut jeans clad Computer Science boys, but what do Cov Uni students really think of you?

Our interactions mostly take place on the crowded dance floor of Kasbah, but some people are lucky enough to be friends with both Coventry and Warwick students, bridging the divide that Varsity created 27 years ago.

Muhammad, First year, Economics

Muhammad says that he thinks Warwick students are generally pretty posh, and that they dress like they’re going to a smart casual wedding party, but their mum has dressed them. He also says that Warwick students are evidently smart and think they’re great, but he adds that’s pretty fair anyway. He also thinks that they are “sesh monkeys” when they want to be.

Hannah, First Year, Economics

“I think that majority of Warwick students are really lovely, friendly people but you meet the few odd ones out who can be boring and think they’re better than us.”

Hannah also notes that on a night out Warwick students dress super casual, but she thinks that’s good because less effort is better. She’s right, it’s not Newcastle after all and you deffo aren’t going to wear heels to Pop.

David, First Year, Physiotherapy












“They’re pretty chill but they are lightweights. They aren’t as road as Cov, they’re kinda posh – you’d either expect them to be farmers or lawyers, playing croquet or something like that. You can tell they’re smart but I reckon some might look down their noses at us because they think we’re bottom of the league tables – which we actually aren’t.”

He confesses that he likes the rivalry that comes with Varsity because Warwick and Cov have “good banter”. David also feels that Warwick students may actually be hotter than Cov students as there are “no ugly ones” but they’re not “overly good looking” so don’t get ahead of yourselves guys.

Sabrina, First Year, International Relations

“Despite the intense rivalry between Coventry and Warwick, the people I’ve encountered at Warwick have been nothing but pleasant, aside from the fact that they all are gorgeous, which somehow is offensive to me. Everyone, from my friends from secondary school all the way to the President of the MUN Society have been nothing but friendly.”

Sab also notes that despite our small rivalry Warwick students know to keep on good terms with Cov students because “they still have to trek it to Kasbah every Friday, and we’re in the centre of town with three Subways as opposed to their none”.

James, First Year, International Business

“On yikyak all the Warwick students seem like they look down on Cov, but on Tinder all the Warwick girls seem like they’re fitter – so I don’t really know what to make of them. They wear shirts all the time even when they aren’t going ‘out out’, Cov is much more casual than that.”

“Everyone I’ve met from Warwick is really nice and easy to talk to. Though as a whole they all sort of remind me of my smart older brother, but he’s a dickhead.”

Tshering, First Year, Economics

Tshering says that Warwick students are committed and driven but equally enjoy the social bits of uni. When asked for further explanation of this statement he said: ” One sec they’re down to educate themselves, next sec they’re down for the sesh”.

He thinks the girls are fashionable but the boys dress “meh” and that there can also be some very strange characters around Warwick. He also proposes that if any of these comments offend Warwick students then they should meet up for a scrap at The Hub.

Alex, First Year, Economics

Alex simply thinks Warwick students are “sexy”. He did not wish to expand on his comments.