My Aldi shop is the best thing about being at Warwick

Forget Cannon Park Tesco, Aldi is a guaranteed laugh

Coming into first year has been a time of discovery for us all: The joys of POP!, the horror of Rootes kitchens and the revelation that pot noodle is not a sustainable food source. But for me the transition to University has been made much easier by my good pal Aldi. Thanks babe.

I ball on a budget on a weekly basis thanks to Aldi. A student shouldn’t have the funds to eat tapas and fondue frequently. And yet here I am with my assortment of Italian meats feeling like a Queen.

The food is mostly organic

Aldi has increased its organic products to rival that of the more expensive ranges offered by Tesco. Plus it will be removing eight pesticides from their products in the coming year. Despite already having growth hormone free milk ,now its yoghurt, sour cream, cottage cheese and other dairy products won’t contain growth hormones too!

Aldi reminds me of the real world and I love it

Sometimes the Warwick bubble gets to you a bit and if you want to escape campus for the real world, Aldi is the one. To actually see a baby and a pensioner in the same room is refreshing. It’s even lovely to see school children throwing tantrums in the bread aisle.

Its makeshift layout, with cans haphazardly strewn across shelves, a random bottle of milk in the middle of an aisle and the occasional half open box of cornflakes is like a breath of fresh air. Campus is so tidy it genuinely makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes.

The gluten free section is great

The gluten free section is far larger than any of the other supermarkets around, so when you are a Coeliac living on a budget, Aldi ticks the box. Even though gluten free bread will always taste of cack, its best you don’t waste half your food budget on it.

They sell the most random stuff

I didn’t know I needed an equestrian starter pack, a home gym or an indoor putting set, but I am leaving Aldi with a £3 rump steak bigger than my head and all of the above. Sundays on campus cannot be shite anymore.

Their own brand products are actually really good

Despite not having branded products, Aldi gives it their best shot. With their ‘close but so far’ approach to well known home brands. Lion bars become ‘Seal Bars’, Lurpak is now ‘Norpak’, Lambrini is ‘Lambrucini’ but my personal favourite is that Rice Krispies Squares are creatively called ‘Oblongs’. If not anything else, Aldi is a guaranteed LOL.

My weeks shop at Aldi amounts to £25, whereas the same shop in Tesco’s is about £40. I say swallow your pride and pop over the road for a look in the palace of dreams. Whilst some scoff at Aldi, at the end of the day, the joke is on them. So Aldi is now high quality, a sensational day out, and will fulfil the students desire to be indie vegan and chic. Winner winner!