Stagecoach confirm they will no longer reissue lost Unirider passes

They have decided to take a much stronger stance on the issue

Stagecoach have now confirmed that students will not be able to receive replacement Unirider bus passes for a £25 fee, and instead will have to pay £301 for a new pass.

Earlier this week, a Warwick student reported that when she asked to replace her Unirider bus pass in Leamington, she was told that she either had to buy a new pass or individual tickets. Stagecoach responded to The Tab today, stating that they are taking a much stronger stance on the issue, due to suspected fraudulent activity.


A spokeswoman for Stagecoach said: “During the first few weeks of the new student year, we have seen a significantly higher volume of requests for replacement Unibus passes. During that time, it has become clear that our replacement policy is being abused by some people and we believe that some of these passes are being used fraudulently.

“As a result, we are no longer offering the automatic replacement that was previously available for a £25 fee. Instead, we will review each request on an individual basis, taking into account a number of different considerations.

“We are committed to handling these requests as fairly as possible and we fully understand that genuine losses can occur. We would, as always, urge any students with a Unibus pass to insure the ticket under their household insurance policy to cover them in the event that they might lose it. If any students suspect that their pass has been stolen, we would encourage them to report that to the police.”