Stagecoach will no longer reissue lost Unirider bus passes

You will have to pay another £301 for a new one

A Warwick student has reported that she went to get her Unirider bus pass replaced in Leamington, she was told that she either has to buy an individual ticket or a new pass.

According to her, the change was put in place after Stagecoach claimed that the lost passes were being used fraudulently.


Prior to this, Stagecoach charged a £25 administration fee, replacing the pass only once.

However, now if you were to accidentally lose it, you might have to fork out £301 for a new bus pass.

There has been a petition launched against Stagecoach’s decision to not replace student’s lost bus passes.

Many on the petition page have expressed their concerns over the fact that introducing this change, may make Stagecoach’s service even worse, as it may encourage some students to abandon the Unirider pass altogether. Instead they would choose for each individual journey, and thus this would result in a slower service.

Stagecoach will be contacted to confirm whether they have changed their policies.