We asked freshers what their biggest hopes and fears are at Warwick

‘We’re all Oxford rejects, so getting drunk is a priority’

We asked the newest intake of Warwick freshers what their hopes and fears are for their first year. The answers ranged from alcohol abuse, sexual adventurousness and an ominous dread of the 9am lecture.

An ambitious set of ideals for a bunch of Maths and Economics students, although as we have found out every year, if anything can turn a shy science student into a legendary sesh Lord, it’s living in Rootes.

Michael, Management


“Partying, girls, just looking for a good time. I want to do something in business so I chose Warwick because I thought it would be challenging. Also, it’s much better than Surrey. I am worried though about who I’ve got to share my room with, I hope he’s British, it would be nice to learn more about the place and see a different culture.”


Gabriel, Engineering


“I want to meet new people and maybe do a bit of partying. My girlfriend made me t-shirts to make sure people know who I belong to.”


Ambrose, Robert, Jenny and Tash, Maths and Economics


You know it’s bad when your already eating ready meals when you’ve just moved in

“We’re all Oxford rejects, so getting drunk is a priority. Some of us are keen to join netball, and I wanna see what the orchestras are like at Warwick. Smack Tuesday and the foam party sounds great, I just wanna get my teeth into it. Slightly worried about money problems, but it should be fine.”


Ryan, Computer Science and Ben, Modern Foreign Languages


Notice the empty bottle of Vodka, and the drunken expression – Freshers’ in a nutshell

“Slightly annoyed by all the lectures – we just got here and we’re trying to get our shit together and already it’s busy. Can’t wait to join the football and athletics team, trying out circling sounds mad, should be a good year.”


Oliver, Chemistry, and Jordan, Maths


“We just wanna fuck girls and get drunk. We’re into football and want to get involved on the varsity scene at uni. But mate, the rugby lads sound just too intense, and I don’t want people to judge us too much for being science-based. The course itself should be fine though.”


Katie, Hamal and Tamra, Economics, Engineering and Psychology


“Getting smashed and doing weird shit for the first time – we want to do all sorts of things, women’s rugby, athletics, dance clubs, echo and ballroom. I’m just worried that while the course should be fine, if I can’t stay awake in lectures.”