Warwick’s league table status in danger as Coventry closes in

R.I.P. ‘Woxbridge’?

It seems that we may finally have some competition on our hands as Coventry University shot up to within ten places of us in the league tables.

The Guardian’s university league table to occupy the position only nine places behind the position of our very own University of Warwick.

We ranked just outside the top five, sitting pretty in six – up three places from last year.

Climbing twelve places from 27th in last year’s ranking, Coventry University now ranks 15th in the league table. In its meteoric rise the former-poly has humiliated a whole host of Russell Group universities  by attaining a higher position than Edinburgh, York, Leeds, Glasgow, Nottingham, Newcastle.


Noisy neighbors Coventry

Another Russell Group university to feel Coventry’s wrath was fellow West-Midlands University, Birmingham. Finishing two places above Birmingham, this places Coventry as the second-best university in the area.

This news adds to the improving image of Coventry University, who build upon their award last year of Modern University of the Year.

Perhaps this means we should be a little less snobby when making the trip to Kasbah? Or perhaps not.

We’re still able to maintain that elitist view available only to the university holding the top West Midlands spot.

Warwick has also risen in the national table, going from ninth to sixth place where we find ourselves nestled between Durham and Imperial. Cambridge and Oxford continue to hold the top.

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The 6th best piazza in the country

The University of Warwick has excelled also in the subject rankings with 13 of the courses offered by the University making it into the top ten of their respective fields.

Warwick Business School led the way coming first for accounting and second for Business Economics. The Mathematics Institute and straight Economics both placed second.

Classics and Ancient History,  Film and Television Studies, Sociology, Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies all landed a healthy fourth place.

Chemistry, History of Art, Politics and International Studies finished up in a respectable fifth.

History clocked in at eighth, while the School of Modern Languages and Culture came ninth and Engineering made the top ten.

Whilst our academic prowess has been ranked highly there now seems to be more of a necessity to look worryingly over our shoulders to our recently noisy neighbours, Coventry.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not we Warwick students have lost bragging rights? We’ve kind of always seen Coventry as our under-performing sibling. Is it now getting too big for its boots?

Maria Haznad, 2nd year Psychology student says: “The league table is bullshit anyway. Except the bit where Warwick does well. But the rest of it is bullshit”.