Where to love it up in Warwick

A how-to guide for lazy loving

Got a hot date coming up, but no idea where to go? Look no further, the Tab has got you covered.

That’s right, amongst the academic buildings and currently dug up roads there are actually places where students can take their beloveds to spend some quality time that goes beyond a coffee at Library Café or a walk to Tesco.



For: Couples in the honeymoon period and where a potential friendship turns into something more

About: Ah, Curiositea. If you ever wondered where all the couples in Warwick disappear to, look no further than the SU’s own café.

Geared to create an atmosphere of English teas and savouries, this place is apt for lovers looking to gaze in to each other’s eyes over a mile high and a hazelnut hero.

Recommended meal: Mile high cake and an extra special hot chocolate which includes marshmallows, flake, maltesers and whipped cream.



For: Couples looking to go up-scale but still keeping to a budget

About: Not such a traditional date venue, but when you go here for dinner you know it’s serious. No one goes to Xananas just for banter but often as a way of showing the serious nature of the relationship or at least trying to make it serious.

It’s the restaurant equivalent of a key to your flat. Sit here and gaze over your expertly made burgers as you try to get to know one another.

Recommended meal: Starter – Crevettes; Main – Lamb steak; Dessert – Shared Chocolate Fudge Sundae.

Warwick Arts Centre

Arts Centre

For: Artsy lovers who want to splash the cash but still can’t be bothered to leave campus.

About: It isn’t just about arts, but it is the artistic hub of the university from the best of student drama to outside guests ranging from Noel Fielding to Dara O’Briain.

It’s the perfect place if you are looking to impress, dress up but still keep it campus based. You can also get some food at the equally fancy restaurant La Gusta.

Recommended: A student drama production – affordable but still looking high end.

Dirty Duck

Dirty Duck

For: Couples keeping it casual and low key.

About: Still not sure where this relationship is going? Well, the Duck is the perfect place for a date – ish. Affordable and low key, you can grab a bite to eat as well as a drink. It scrubs up well in the day as well as the night so it can be a dress up kind of occasion or very casual.

Recommended meal: Enchiladas with a glass of cider.