What does the SU president actually do?

And does anyone really care?

president warwick university

Many people can’t name Warwick’s SU president, fewer could tell you what she actually does. With this year’s election seeing former Societies Officer Isaac Leigh ascend to the SU’s presidency, it’s probably time we found out what they actually do.

According to former SU president Nick Swain, the president’s primary role is to act as the “lead student representative” for the university. The SU’s website adds the president is the “lead officer for public relations” and is the “general contact for media via press releases”.

The rest of the president’s official responsibilities can be found here, but seriously, it’s boring stuff.


The president is also a member of a multitude of drab committees and must take up general sabbatical responsibilities, like involving themselves in the Freshers’ period and reducing the SU’s environmental impact. As well as this, they must also be accountable for his or her manifesto pledges, which brings us on to Isaac.

Shortly after being announced as the new SU president, a jubilant Isaac promised to “push ahead with my policies”. He vowed to “improve the standards of buses, particularly Stagecoach, and “tackle University management”.

His other main pledges include the introduction of a termly vice chancellor’s question time, the removal of lectures and seminars from Freshers’ Week and popular changes to the Copper Rooms. He will also improve communication of the benefits the Sports Review is having on sport.

Foot in the door: Isaac

Certainly a tall order, but Isaac seemed confident he could achieve these aims and is enthusiastic for working with the newly elected sabbatical team. Only time will tell as to whether Isaac will prove to be the University’s next statesman or another lame duck president.